• If you cant tell, i would say safest bet is ALL OF THEM are unsafe!!

      Only use the google play store and before you install ANY app read the reviews first.

      • Hard work by Google security teams after the breach! As a Cybersecurity expert I can assure you that is an absolute cop-out. A multi-billion dollar company who had such a talented hard working security team would have done their job properly in the first place! Google should be taken to task by way of fine or class action. The only Gooligans are the ones who believe their absolute coverup of sheer absolute Negligence. The word breach should not appear on this article. I advise all those affected to initiate a class action as and get legal advice on Google’s liability with your personal data and IP.

  1. Randy Guerette says:

    How does Check Point know which accounts were compromised? Does Check Point have access to the complete list of affected accounts?

  2. BenjamineDupont says:

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us this valuable information. we appreciate you for this valuable information.

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