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Corporate Blog October 21, 2019

Avianca Unifies Cyber Protection with In-Cloud Security from Check Point

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, published October 21st 2019 Avianca has embarked on a digital transformation of its operations. I met with Ms. Zully Romero, Avianca’s Security Architect, to hear more about the…

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Corporate Blog October 18, 2019

SMB Freedom: Releasing the constraints of security complexity

By Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms, published October 18th 2019 Being a small to midsize business in today’s world can be intimidating. With digital transformation affecting every business, there is just no…

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Corporate Blog October 17, 2019

How to Adopt a Threat Prevention Approach to Cybersecurity

By Adeline Chan, Threat Prevention Product Marketing, published October 17th 2019 Hardly a week goes by without news of a breach or a cyber incident being reported. The cost and frequency of cyberattacks have increased…

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Corporate Blog October 10, 2019

September 2019’s Most Wanted Malware: Emotet Botnet Starts Spreading Spam Campaigns Again After Three-Month Silence

In September, the Emotet Botnet resumed activity again after a three-month break. We first reported the notorious botnet taking a break in June 2019, and that the offensive infrastructure had become active again in August.…

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Corporate Blog

Threat Extraction – A Preventive Method for Document-Based Malware

By Shiran Yodev and Einat Ferber Threat Extraction proactively protects against known and unknown threats contained in documents by removing exploitable content. This method is also known as file sanitization or CDR (content disarm and…

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Corporate Blog October 7, 2019

Zero Trust Networks: Best Practices To “Divide and Rule” Your Network

By Dana Katz, Product Marketing Manager Zero Trust security is no longer just a concept. It has become an essential security strategy that helps organizations protect their valuable data in a “perimeter-everywhere” world. Implementing Zero…

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Corporate Blog October 2, 2019

SandBlast Mobile now blocks malicious app downloads and prevents credential theft

By Ran Schwartz, Product Manager, Threat Prevention, and Yael Macias, Threat Prevention Product Marketing Manager Mobile Security has never looked better. SandBlast Mobile has just added two new capabilities to its market-leading mobile threat defense…

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Corporate Blog October 1, 2019

Check Point and VMware Partner to Secure Branch Office SD-WAN Connections to the Cloud

By Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms As more applications move from the datacenter to the cloud, enterprise users rely on these applications to do their daily jobs.  These SaaS applications range from…

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Corporate Blog September 30, 2019

Desert Research Institute Standardizes Network Security and Cyber Security Management Across a Dynamic Threat Ecosystem

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point This research institute has grown in leaps and bounds. With government contracts and strict client security requirements to protect, learn how it uses Check Point to…

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Corporate Blog September 25, 2019

Why not prevention?

By, Edwin Doyle, Global Security Strategist. Let’s reminisce about the good old days. Remember when simple computer viruses sparked laughter, not outrage? A college campus computer virus would enter your system, coopt your mouse cursor,…

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