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Corporate Blog August 5, 2020

The World’s Fastest 1U Security Gateway in the Industry is Here

By Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms Register Now! August 11th EMEA & APAC | August 11th Americas Check Point recently revealed the new Quantum Security Gateways™ that provide ultra-scalable, power-efficient protection against…

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Corporate Blog August 4, 2020

Google and Amazon overtake Apple as most imitated brands for phishing in Q2 2020

When the career criminal Willie Sutton was asked by a reporter why he robbed so many banks, he reportedly answered: “Because that’s where the money is.”  The same logic applies to the question, “Why are…

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Cloud Security August 3, 2020

Why Cloud Native Security Requires a Unified Platform

By, Trisha Paine, Head of Cloud Marketing Program Cloud security raises unique challenges compared to security on premises. Security professionals are now faced with the challenge of securing everything across multiple clouds. On average over…

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Cloud Security July 27, 2020

AWS Lambda Security Best Practices

Moving to serverless, including AWS Lambda, makes security both easier and harder, as I outlined in our Serverless Security Scorecard. In deploying serverless apps, you cede control over most of the stack to your cloud…

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Cloud Security July 24, 2020

Striving to Achieve High Fidelity Cloud Security

By, Trisha Paine, Head of Cloud Marketing Programs Several attributes make posture management a particularly challenging component of maintaining cloud security. For starters, you cannot secure or scale a rapidly growing quantity and variety of…

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Check Point CloudGuard Connect Protects Microsoft Azure Branch Office Internet Connections from Cyber Attacks

By Russ Schafer, Head of Product Marketing, Security Platforms Enterprises are moving their applications, workloads and services out of the data center into the cloud. As enterprises become more distributed, organizations need flexible solutions that…

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Corporate Blog July 23, 2020

While IoT security standards lag, IoT security companies innovate – Overview of trends in IoT cyber security

By Gil Yankovitch, Firmware Technology Lead and Ram Yonish, Firmware Security Evangelist (former co-founders of Cymplify Security, acquired by Check Point) While IoT and OT devices proliferate, IoT security standards and regulations are few and…

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Corporate Blog July 22, 2020

Check Point partners with New York University to close the cybersecurity workforce gap

Check Point has partnered with one the world’s leading universities – New York University (NYU) – to nurture the next generation of computer engineers. For the first time, NYU is partnering with a cyber-security software…

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Cyber Attack Trends: 2020 Mid-Year Report

At the start of 2020, very few people would have predicted the events that unfolded.  The COVID-19 global pandemic caused unprecedented changes to all of our lives, and has reshaped our entire working culture. From…

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Corporate Blog July 21, 2020

How scammers are hiding their phishing trips in public clouds

Recently, we published our research on how threat actors are taking advantage of well-known cloud services to download malicious payloads. This technique has also been observed in phishing attacks, where cloud storage services are used…

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