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Corporate Blog January 21, 2021

Cyber Criminals Leave Stolen Phishing Credentials in Plain Sight

Introduction Cyber-crime is a complex landscape, but when it comes to actually launching cyber-attacks, there are three main techniques that criminals have relied on for decades to help them get around organizations’ defenses and into…

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Cloud Security

Infrastructure-as-Code Concepts

By, Yaffa Finkelstein, Product Marketing Manager Cloud Application Security So what is Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) anyway? IaC is a process that automates the provisioning and management of cloud resources. IaC software takes some input     scripts describing…

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Corporate Blog January 20, 2021

Rethinking Endpoint Security

Part 1: Five guiding principles for choosing the optimal endpoint security solution By Oleg Mogilevsky, Product Marketing Manager, Threat Prevention With the sudden and massive shift to remote work, organizations and their endpoints have never…

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Corporate Blog January 19, 2021

Linux users should patch now to block new “FreakOut” malware which exploits new vulnerabilities

Recently, Check Point Research (CPR) encountered several attacks that are exploiting multiple vulnerabilities, including some recently discovered flaws. These ongoing attacks involve a new malware variant, called ‘FreakOut.’ The goal behind these attacks is to…

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Corporate Blog January 18, 2021

Use Infinity SOC to find out if you are affected by the Solarwinds Sunburst Hack

The world is now facing what appears to be a new wave of multi-vector cyber-attacks, the latest being the Solarwinds Sunburst, with clear characteristics of an upcoming cyber pandemic. Over 18,000 companies and government offices…

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Corporate Blog January 15, 2021

Check Point Software Partners with Orange Cyber Defense to offer WIFI hacking course to cyber experts

Check Point has teamed up with SensePost (ethical hacking team within Orange Cyberdefense) to deliver one of their leading offensive courses, giving participants the opportunity to understand how to think like a hacker. The WIFI…

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Corporate Blog January 14, 2021

Brand Phishing Report – Q4 2020

Summary According to Check Point Research´s (CPR) analysis, Microsoft still lead the top ten-brand phishing in the last quarter of 2020, with many websites trying to impersonate Microsoft login screens and steal user credentials. Shipping…

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Cloud Security January 13, 2021

Cloud Threat Hunting: Attack & Investigation Series- Lateral Movement – Under the Radar

By Maya Levine, Technical Marketing Engineer, and Lior Sonntag, Security Analyst A sign of a truly sophisticated attack in the cloud is the ability to move laterally undetected. Doing so successfully requires knowledge of many…

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Corporate Blog January 12, 2021

Going Rogue – a Mastermind Behind Android Malware Returns with a New RAT

Now more than ever, we rely on our smartphones to keep in touch with our work, our families and the world around us.  There are over 3.5 billion smartphone users worldwide, and it is estimated…

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Corporate Blog January 7, 2021

December 2020’s Most Wanted Malware: Emotet Returns as Top Malware Threat

Our latest Global Threat Index for December 2020 has revealed that the Emotet trojan has returned to first place in the top malware list, impacting 7% of organizations globally, following a spam campaign which targeted…

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