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Corporate Blog January 22, 2019

Introducing Maestro – The Industry’s First Hyperscale Network Security Solution

Imagine you had a house – three bedrooms, two stories, one bathroom on a single-family lot. And now imagine that you wanted to expand this property – you want four stories, multiple units, many bathrooms.…

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Blog Post January 21, 2019

Threat Trends Analysis Report

2018 introduced a challenging threat landscape. Threat actors consistently improved their cyber weapons, adopted new methods and adapted their attacks to emerging technologies. And although it may have seemed the past year was quieter, this…

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Corporate Blog January 18, 2019

Check Point Forensic Files: GandCrab Returns with Friends (Trojans)

Following our previous post about GandCrab, in this post we show how another variant of this well-known ransomware is observed by Check Point’s SandBlast Agent (SBA) Behavioral Guard and analyzed through the lens of a…

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Corporate Blog January 16, 2019

Fortnite’s Vulnerability: Only the Secure Survive

For the last two hundred years, Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ theory of natural selection has shaped our view of man’s existence on earth. In the last couple of years, though, Fortnite, the massively popular…

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Corporate Blog January 14, 2019

December 2018’s Most Wanted Malware: Where there’s SmokeLoader, there’s Fire

Check Point’s researchers saw SmokeLoader rise to the top 10 ‘Most Wanted’ Malware list in December after a sudden boost in activity. Mainly used to load other malware, such as Trickbot Banker, AZORult Infostealer and…

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Corporate Blog January 9, 2019

Motortech strengthens threat prevention with Check Point Infinity

Cybercrime continues to plague organizations across the world, causing immense amounts of damage and confusion. In 2018, we witnessed an alarming number of large scale data breaches, and the repercussions were both dangerous and costly.…

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Corporate Blog January 7, 2019

Check Point Research: A Year in Exploration

Part of being a great storyteller is to venture into the unknown. To step out of our comfort zone and explore worlds that are often hard to reach, overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.…

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Corporate Blog January 2, 2019

Telefónica Strengthens Their Mobile Security

In 2018, the U.S spent 66 billion dollars on cybersecurity. As organizations continue to adopt more robust cybersecurity systems, they are forgetting to protect arguably the most lucrative target for cybercriminals: smartphones.   Despite the…

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Corporate Blog December 21, 2018

What can the Bears-49ers game teach us about cyber security?

On Sunday, December 23rd, the Chicago Bears will travel to the Bay Area for the second-to-last game of the season against the San Francisco 49ers.   The Bears are riding high, with the league’s most…

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Corporate Blog December 19, 2018

Better Together with Check Point CloudGuard and AWS Security Hub

The integration between Amazon Security Hub and Check Point CloudGuard provides a seamless experience to customers in protecting their AWS environments against advanced cyber-threats and mitigating compliance risks at any scale. This integration, together with…

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