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New Miercom Report on Zero Day and APT Malware Catch Rates – Check Point Outperforms the Competition

If you protect your network with something other than Check Point, you may not be as protected as you thought. A new report just released by Miercom, a leading network security testing firm, compared the performance of five security products. They specifically focused on products claiming superior performance for Advanced Threat Detection to determine the…

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Threat Research November 20, 2014

When it Comes to Security, What is Good Enough?

Ben Franklin once said that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. We couldn’t agree more when it comes to network security. From both time and financial standpoints, it is much more cost effective to prevent infections than deal with their aftermath. Infection cleanup is very costly to businesses. The latest…

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Threat Research November 12, 2014

Immobilize WireLurker Before It Immobilizes You

A recent malware, “WireLurker”, affects Apple OS X and iOS. As highlighted in the recent announcement by Check Point on mobile security, the amount of mobile malware is on the rise. In this case, WireLurker affects both desktop and mobile platforms. The infection starts through trojanized and repackaged OS X applications. It then transfers to…

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Threat Research November 10, 2014