New Miercom Report on Zero Day and APT Malware Catch Rates – Check Point Outperforms the Competition

If you protect your network with something other than Check Point, you may not be as protected as you thought. A new report just released by Miercom, a leading network security testing firm, compared the performance of five security products. They specifically focused on products claiming superior performance for Advanced Threat Detection to determine the security efficacy (catch rate) of sandboxing capabilities.

Miercom wanted to see how a set of vendors would actually perform against known malware, unknown (also known as Zero Day) malware, and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). They were looking specifically at catch rates as well as the time each vendor took to sandbox new threats.

* Spoiler Alert * Check Point outperformed the pack by a large margin.

Vendors represented in the assessment included: Check Point, Cisco, FireEye, Fortinet and another vendor that, due to vendor EULA restrictions, they referred to as Vendor A. They presented each vendor with a series of malware, from known malware to Zero Day unknown malware to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and measured their sandbox performance. Check Point’s 4800 Next Generation Threat Prevention appliance with ThreatCloud Emulation Service provided the best overall protection against the competition:

  • Total Security Efficacy: Check Point scored 99.9% overall security efficacy/catch rate of malware samples (known and unknown)
  • Known Threats: Check Point detected and blocked 100% of known threats – and can you believe not every vendor could do this?
  • Unknown Threats: Check Point protected against 100% Zero-Day (Unknown) threats – no one else came close and some of the competitors barely got 50%
  • Sandbox Time: Check Point had the fastest emulation time at 3 minutes – 4x to 6x faster than the competitors.
  • Forensics and Reporting: Check Point also came out on top in the tester’s observations for accuracy, efficiency, speed and reporting. They noted “Check Point has the most detailed reporting for forensic analysis and incident response.”

For full details about the methodology used to do the testing, individual vendor results and more, download the summary results from the Miercom Report Advanced Threat Protection with Sandbox Analysis test results.