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Your Website Should Reflect Your Brand – Not an Attacker’s

When IT professionals and business owners think about their security strategies, they often forget about one of the easiest assets for cyber criminals to attack: their websites. From consumer brands to small businesses to large enterprise companies, a website is the front-facing identity of any organization, and needs to be given the same security. iPage…

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Threat Research December 23, 2014

What Does Fast Threat Emulation Mean?

Your IT department has probably deployed multiple kinds of defenses to protect your network from malware. We are all familiar with antivirus and intrusion prevention programs. They protect us from known threats and are our first line of protection defense. Known threats are characterized and stored in a threat database. The more we know, the…

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Threat Research December 22, 2014

Misfortune Cookie: The Hole in Your Internet Gateway

What is the Misfortune Cookie vulnerability? Misfortune Cookie is a critical vulnerability that allows an intruder to remotely take over a residential gateway device and use it to attack the devices connected to it. Researchers from Check Point’s Malware and Vulnerability Research Group recently uncovered this critical vulnerability present on millions of residential gateway (SOHO…

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Threat Research December 18, 2014

Aren’t All Security Threat Emulations the Same?

You should be picky when selecting a security solution for your network. When it comes to comparing solutions, are there really any metrics other than speed and accuracy? Those are certainly two of the most important, but there are some other important features as well. Our top three would be: 1. Access to the largest…

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Threat Research December 10, 2014

How we Collect Infections by the Numbers?

We have to admit there are advantages to being one of largest data security companies in the market. While our appliances and software blades are out protecting businesses around the globe, they are under attack all the time. Hackers have a lot of time on their hands and there is little downside for them to…

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Threat Research December 9, 2014