Sharing a Heritage of Innovation and “The Right Stuff”

Last month, we introduced Capsule, a new way of securing your mobile environment and your critical documents.

Today, we commend the United States and another capsule of innovation, the Orion. For those who missed the launch and landing, it brought to me the same thrill I felt as a kid, when I witnessed the Apollo program. Though some may think Orion is a rehash of a 40 year-old design, the only commonality with Apollo is the shape—just as a Boeing 787 shares the same shape as a 707, and flies in the air, the reality is that it’s  a completely different machine under the form.

Similarly, when it comes to secure mobility products on the market, we see a lot of the same terminology and marketing from the various vendors. But when you scratch beneath the surface, you find substantial differences—the kind that merit a closer look to assess true security. For example, while other vendors may only protect mobile devices within the corporate environment, Check Point extends the corporate security policy to mobile devices everywhere in a single mobile security solution. This helps prevent exposure to cyber threats. Check Point also establishes a secure business environment to separate business data from personal data and applications. And, Check Point secures business documents everywhere they go by encrypting them and enabling seamless use by authorized users only.

Orion and Check Point Capsule: Very different, but sharing a heritage of innovation and “The Right Stuff.”

Who knows…When the Orion capsule eventually heads to Mars, maybe we’ll be on-board!

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