Mobile Security Market Grows, iOS Patched (AGAIN!), Encryption Has Hole – Mobile Security Weekly

Mobile Security Market Growing Rapidly Through 2019

A new report on the global mobile security market projects a 30.7% CAGR through 2019, to reach a market value of $5.75 billion (from around $1.5 billion in 2014). The growing demand for smartphones and other mobile devices, the ongoing integration of mobile devices into the workplace, and the need for mobile security strategies and solutions that will also cover cloud service requirements will drive market growth. The report predicts Asia-Pacific to experience the biggest growth over the forecast period, particularly in the mobile data protection and mobile application management segments.

Why is this significant?

There is an ongoing war between companies that provide mobile security solutions and the attackers targeting both private users and enterprises. As the attackers implement more sophisticated methods, we improve our detection and mitigation technology (and vice versa). Whichever side you’re on, mobile security is here to stay.

Apple Releases iOS 8.3, Including Long List of Security Fixes

Apple has released iOS 8.3, a major security upgrade for iOS users that includes patches and fixes for almost 60 CVE-listed security holes. The new version of iOS has security fixes for several vulnerabilities in the mobile operating system’s kernel, code-execution bugs and a long list of WebKit vulnerabilities. Apple have also patched a bug that could lead to a user’s credentials being sent to the wrong server in some cases.

It also worth noting that Apple seems to have addressed one or two additional jailbreaking issues potentially further delaying the release of a new iOS jailbreak. Oh, and there are also emojis that fit a few more ethnicities than before!

Why is this significant?

Apple have stepped up to the plate and provided their users with a substantially safer version of iOS than the previous one was. The question is, if Apple keep claiming that iOS is so safe (it isn’t), how come there are dozens upon dozens of security issues in iOS 8.2 that needed fixing. Better hope iOS 8.4 get’s here soon.

Popular iOS & Android Encryption App Has Serious Security Hole

Researchers have discovered that NQ Mobile Vault, a popular mobile encryption app for iOS and Android, provides basically laughable security. NQ Mobile Vault is supposed to allow its users to choose a private passcode and then encrypt pictures, texts or files.

Except it doesn’t work. If someone can extract the “encrypted” files from the device they can easily decrypt them. NQ Vault uses a really simple encryption solution named 8-bit XOR. The biggest issues is that this is a respected app, on lots of Best Apps lists. It claims more than 30 million users and a half-million ratings on the Google Play store.

Why is this significant?

The issue here, much like many of the topics we discuss, is much bigger than NQ Vault. The vast majority of consumers are have no way to assess the claims and capabilities of app developers. All they’ve got are reviews and reputation. This makes you wonder just how many other services claim to do one thing and do nothing of the sort.