ThreatCloud IntelliStore Marketplace – A new actionable approach to Threat Intelligence

Cyber threats have significantly increased in number and in complexity. With malware evolving constantly, we require a steady stream of information on emerging threats to optimize our security systems in place. There are several vendors that provide threat intelligence , but none that offer a platform with customizable and actionable intelligence, including specialized feeds by industries, geographies, and malware types. As a customer, it is an overwhelming task to seek out and coordinate all the vendors necessary for a comprehensive solution. Instead, several organizations have incomplete threat data, leaving them incredibly vulnerable to attack. However, receiving comprehensive data is only one part of the puzzle. How can an organization respond swiftly without knowing how to operationalize the data?

Organizations require two things: customizable, targeted and actionable threat intelligence that is relevant to their business and protections that automatically get enforced on their security systems. Check Point’s ThreatCloud IntelliStore directly addresses these needs by hosting the industry’s first comprehensive threat intelligence marketplace which provides real-time, actionable protections to the Check Point security gateways.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how ThreatCloud IntelliStore works:

Check Point has partnered with several leading threat intelligence vendors to provide services through the ThreatCloud IntelliStore marketplace. Now, customers can build tailored streams that address their security needs based on key factors such as industry, geographies, and malware vulnerabilities. We’ve kept the implementation and operation simple such that customers do not have to adjust security policies in order to integrate intelligence information. Instead, threat intelligence from the relevant feeds is automatically aggregated and applied on the Check Point Gateways through ThreatCloud.


ThreatCloud IntelliStore



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