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A Major Step Ahead in Network Security

It’s January 2016 and my New Years’ resolution is still fresh in my mind. In addition to visiting the gym more frequently and losing some of my “holiday” weight, I am also resolute that this year will be another big year of cyber security headlines and major breaches, even though network security spending continues to…

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Security Insights January 26, 2016

In The Wild: Mobile Security Observations from the Check Point Research Team

In the last two weeks, we have seen malware bypass Google Play once again, and others leap over the 2FA obstacle. In addition, new reports show that even the most guarded vendors’ security designs can allow malware to infect them through built-in flaws. Let’s review the top stories: Blackphone: A Bleak Vulnerability Found Researchers discovered…

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Uncategorized January 21, 2016

Something is Cooking in Brazil

Looking at the global cyber landscape, we can see many campaigns and persistent threats occurring at different locations around the world. One example that has not drawn much attention is Brazil’s nationwide fraud campaigns. These come in different forms, beginning with simple phishing scams whose aim is to intercept and harvest credentials from unsuspecting users.…

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Threat Research January 19, 2016

Ukraine Power Outage Demonstrates Infrastructure Vulnerability

The night before Christmas Eve, the Ivano-Frankivsk region in western Ukraine, an area the size of Connecticut, experienced a power blackout due to what was later identified as a cyberattack. The attack was said to have targeted the power company Prykarpattyaoblenergo, and affected at least 80,000 people, which is approximately half of the region’s population.…

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Threat Research January 18, 2016

Check Point Threat Alert: Cryptowall 4

Executive Summary Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts access to an infected computer system and demands a ransom payment to remove the restriction. Some ransomware encrypt the files on the system’s hard drive, while others may simply lock the system and display threatening messages to force the user to pay. Cryptowall is a…

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Threat Research January 15, 2016

Check Point Threat Alert: BlackEnergy Trojan

Executive Summary BlackEnergy malware has been around since 2007, first appearing as a simple DDoS tool. In 2014, it made a comeback as a highly sophisticated and customized malware, featuring support for proxy servers and a wide range of system operations. Observed targets on 2014 are mostly Ukrainian governmental institutes but also include those from…

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Threat Research January 14, 2016

Turkish Clicker: Check Point Finds New Malware on Google Play

The Check Point research team has discovered an extensive malware campaign on the Google Play™ store. Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention detected the first samples of malware we call “Turkish Clicker” on several customer devices.  The malicious code was found in the apps “Fruit Life,” “City HD Wallpapers,” and “Adiyef Puzzle.” Google has removed all…

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Threat Research January 8, 2016

You’re watching TV – Is it also watching you?

The Internet of Things (IoT) revolves around machine-to-machine communication, and it’s growing exponentially. Sure, it sounds like a great idea when we can use smart devices to connect to the Internet at a moment’s notice. However, most consumers don’t fully understand the security vulnerabilities.  Let’s take a look at EZCast. It’s an HDMI dongle-based TV…

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Threat Research January 7, 2016


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Shodan ( is a search engine that uses a variety of filters to find devices, such as computers, routers, and servers, which are connected to the Internet. Shodan collects data mostly on web servers (HTTP port 80), but there is also data about FTP (21), SSH (22), Telnet (23), SNMP (161) and SIP…

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Threat Research January 4, 2016