Unleash the Power of Security for Businesses of All Sizes

When we introduced the 15000 and 23000 series appliances in January, giving our large enterprise and data center network customers a giant step ahead of cyber threats and malware, it raised a logical question: what about businesses of other sizes and their networks? After all, smaller organizations and branch offices are ripe targets for cybercriminals looking for easy pickings or making inroads into larger corporate networks. Why are these smaller locations such attractive targets?

Small businesses, remote, and branch offices often don’t feel the need to implement the same advanced security protections that safeguard enterprise data centers or large campus networks. Looking into this further, there is a misconception that these offices are too small or not doing anything of interest to criminals. So what typically happens is consumer-grade devices with insufficient security capabilities are deployed, or they sometimes forego security altogether.

These poor security postures make small businesses and branch locations attractive targets for cybercriminals. After all, in this hyper-connected world, small businesses often have direct or indirect partnerships with larger organizations – relationships easily exploitable by cybercriminals. While large data breaches make headlines, smaller breaches occur at a staggering rate. Some estimates indicate as much as 62% of all cyber attacks affect small businesses.

Bob Dylan said it best: “The times they are a-changin’.” The increasing frequency and sophistication of attacks targeting smaller businesses and branch office networks means it’s time to start changing how we approach security. Gaining the upper hand on cybercriminals requires an advanced security foundation, regardless of the size of your company that not just detects attacks, but prevents them from ever occurring.

Today, we’re announcing the availability of three new appliance lines – the 1400, 3000 and 5000 series – giving businesses of all sizes the power to run the most comprehensive threat prevention capabilities. From small businesses to large enterprises and data centers, these new purpose-built, optimized appliances deliver all protections without compromising network performance, even when preventing threats in encrypted traffic. Fully integrated security features include firewall, IPS, Application Control, AntiVirus, AntiBot, URL Filtering and the award-winning SandBlast sandboxing solution – all centrally managed by the gold standard in security management.

This new highly-optimized appliance line delivers the highest real-world performance of all these advanced security features. With unmatched throughput, it provides maximum protection against known and unknown malware and zero-day threats without compromise. In addition, these new appliances support your business’s future growth by easily scaling to meet additional headcount and increased traffic demands.

Like our appliances for large enterprises and data centers, these new appliances include advanced enterprise-grade features such as lights-out-management (LOM), which maximizes uptime and serviceability, as well as support for 1 GbE, 10 GbE and 40 GbE I/O connectivity, managing the increasing volume of data and users. As a result, the new appliances give you maximum power, full threat prevention and exceptional flexibility.

While the cyber war rages on, it’s time to give your IT team the tools and power to truly stay a step ahead of all threats – even those introduced by encrypted traffic. Learn how the new 1400, 3000 and 5000 appliances help you unleash the true power of advanced threat prevention security now and for the future – no matter your business’s size.