Attacks on SMB are a sure thing, according to the latest Verizon report

It’s not surprising that small businesses are much more vulnerable to cyberattacks vs. large enterprises. The 2016 Data Breach Investigations Report reveals just how much (Check Point contributed to the report). The report covers a large number of SMBs. 521 small businesses were surveyed and 447 confirmed they suffered a security breach with data loss in 2015, an astonishing 85% breach rate.

On the other hand, enterprise security breaches tell us a different story. Out of 47,408 enterprises, only 312 (0.6%) experienced such breaches. This is no coincidence. Compared to SMBs, enterprises are much more aware and prepared to face cyberattacks. They implement various security measures and do not rely on their good luck.

Unfortunately, most SMBs are unaware of cybersecurity risks. Often, SMBs feel they are not a valuable target and therefore implement very little, if any, security measures. Even worse, they use flawed consumer or home grade equipment as part of their IT networks, which leaves them more vulnerable to attacks. Check Point recently discussed this issue at length showing that SMBs cannot rely on home routers to stay secure.

Many SMBs refrain from using advanced security measures due to their perceived complexity and high cost. This is even more significant when trying to implement several security solutions, each one with its own unique purpose. Moreover, most SMBs lack the qualified personnel to run and manage their network security, especially when the security includes advanced and complex protections.

For these reasons, attackers find it much easier to target SMBs and are often much more successful. While enterprises are likely to be targeted more often, they are more successful preventing attacks using advanced security measures they have installed. Unfortunately, attackers are much more successful infiltrating SMB networks. This accounts for the enormous 85% figure found in the DBIR survey.

So, SMBs are helpless – right?

WRONG!!! SMBs are not as powerless as they think. There are simple, affordable and maintainable solutions available. Check Point offers a full security suite for SMBs which integrates advanced enterprise-grade protections into a single platform at an affordable price. The new Check Point 700 series platform can serve as an Internet router, Wi-Fi access point and an advanced network security device all-in-one, providing SMBs with best of all worlds. This platform requires low management and minimal IT skills while providing the same breadth of protection as a large enterprise would receive.

Check Point’s security technologies are designed to prevent cyberattacks and detect zero-day threats while maintaining maximum Internet performance in a single platform. These technologies act as proactive prevention to not only detect but also prevent cyber threats from even infiltrating the network. This means cyberattacks are detected before any damage is done. This is crucial for SMBs which often cannot handle the ramifications of a breach. Small businesses must prevent attacks in order to survive them.

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