SandBlast Receives ‘Recommended’ Rating Once Again

Hackers continue to target organizations with advanced malware. With over 390,000 new malware variants created each day1, traditional security solutions don’t stand a chance in this cat and mouse game. Organizations are constantly striving to ensure protections are top notch to defend their organizations against ever-persistent cyber attackers.

An essential ingredient to successfully block unknown malware and zero-day threats is an integrated, advanced sandbox, like Check Point SandBlast Zero-Day Protection. Sandblast inspects files in a safe, virtual environment to discover malicious behavior before it enters the network; and its advanced CPU-level detection identifies and stops attacks at the exploit phase, before malware even has the chance to deploy.

Check Point’s Next Generation Threat Prevention (NGTX) with SandBlast™ was tested in the recent 2016 NSS Labs Breach Detection System (BDS) group test. Check Point earned the NSS ‘Recommended’ recognition for security effectiveness and value. This test reinforces important insights about Check Point SandBlast:

SandBlast delivered on the two most important measures of sandbox fidelity:

  • 99.4% on breach detection rating
  • 100% resistant to sandbox evasion

SandBlast catches malware targeting the trust and vulnerability of users:

  • 100% catch-rate for malware delivered via email (SMTP)
  • 100% catch-rate for Social Exploits

These results are further confirmation of Check Point’s strong solution set for advanced threat protection.

Our 12th NSS Recommended

  • We are proud this is our 12th NSS ‘Recommended’ rating since 2011 including FW, IPS, NGFW and BDS. These results represent not only our success, but our motivation to keep driving forward with security innovation and continual improvement.

In fact, our SandBlast family continues to evolve and grow beyond what was tested in the recent NSS BDS test. Together, the SandBlast portfolio offers key technologies essential in a comprehensive, multi-layered security approach.

  • Threat Emulation provides OS-level sandboxing and CPU-level detection to stop even the most advanced malware and zero-day threats before they can execute their illicit activities.
  • Threat Extraction preemptively delivers safe and sanitized versions of common document formats, maintaining the pace that modern business demands.
  • Anti-Bot detects and blocks command and control communications, stops data exfiltration to prevent disclosure of sensitive information, and quarantines infected systems to limit spread of malware.
  • Automated forensic analysis enables deep understanding of security events for faster response.

We are further raising the bar by seamlessly incorporating key components of SandBlast into a browser extension to provide real-time protection against web-downloaded malware and phishing attacks. SandBlast Agent for Browsers has a minimal footprint on your systems, while unique new Zero Phishing™ technology dynamically analyzes sites, blocking even brand new phishing sites that have never been seen before.

Cybercriminals have become adept at preying upon unsuspecting corporate employees and their extensive use of the internet to gain access to sensitive and valuable assets. We look forward to participating in future NSS Labs and other 3rd party tests to demonstrate the protection the expanding SandBlast family and its unique new functions will provide to our customers.

Read the full 2016 NSS Breach Detection System Group Test report here.