Secure Every Click – Check Point SandBlast™ Agent for Browsers

Internet users expect near-instant and unconstrained access to web content when browsing. Unfortunately, the web poses one of the greatest threats to enterprises today. Malware may be hidden in web-downloaded content or webmail attachments. Your employees may unknowingly become victims of phishing, social engineering, and other malware-less attacks aimed at stealing corporate passwords and sensitive data. Even the seemingly innocent reuse of corporate passwords by your employees for non-corporate web services puts your organization at risk.

To further complicate matters, hackers constantly evolve their methods to evade detection by traditional signature-based security solutions. This makes it incredibly difficult for organizations to stay one step ahead of attackers. Organizations must also balance the ongoing challenge of maintaining strong protections to prevent attacks from reaching your users via Internet browsers with the need to facilitate and sustain the pace that modern business demands.

Check Point SandBlast Agent for Browsers, the newest member of our industry-leading SandBlast family of solutions, seamlessly incorporates key components of the security model into the browser, providing real-time protection while reducing the resources required to prevent today’s most advanced attacks. Leveraging the full capabilities of SandBlast Zero-Day Protection, SandBlast Agent for Browsers protects users from web-downloaded threats, malware-less phishing and social engineering attacks, and the risks associated with unauthorized reuse of corporate passwords for non-business web content.

Traditional solutions can be difficult to deploy, require a significant footprint, and fail to protect organizations and their users against constantly evolving web-downloaded malware and phishing attacks that use browsers as their entry point. Enterprises can now utilize Check Point’s most advanced threat prevention solutions with a minimal footprint on the endpoint. By balancing innovative protections to keep organizations safe from web-downloaded malware and phishing attacks with its lightweight deployment option and intuitive user experience, Check Point helps enterprises maintain both business productivity and strong security.

Enabling Deployment of the Most Advanced Protection for Web Browsers
SandBlast Agent for Browsers uses a simple web browser plug-in for Internet Explorer and Chrome to speed implementation and reduce management overhead. Content is managed in the cloud to minimize user system footprint and preserve a normal web-browsing experience.

Preventing Advanced Threats in Web-Downloaded Content
Check Point’s Threat Extraction capability with SandBlast Agent for Browsers delivers clean, sanitized versions of web-downloaded files to users without delay. In parallel, its unique CPU-level detection and evasion-resistant Threat Emulation analyzes files in a virtual sandbox to proactively prevent malicious files from reaching users.

Blocking Unknown and Zero-Day Phishing Attacks
SandBlast Agent for Browsers introduces new Zero Phishing technology, based on real-time dynamic analysis and highly accurate heuristics. Zero Phishing safeguards users from malware-less attacks targeted at obtaining user credentials through deceptive phishing sites, both known and unknown.

Prevents Misuse of Corporate Passwords
Out of convenience, users tend to use the same passwords over and over again on multiple websites. While the intentions may be innocent, the reuse of corporate passwords on unauthorized or non-business sites puts organizations at great risk. Users may be targeted to gain access to corporate credentials for malicious purposes. Check Point Zero Phishing technology keeps credentials used to access business-related services safe. To prevent the misuse of corporate passwords, Check Point Zero Phishing generates alerts when users attempt to utilize corporate passwords on non-business related websites.

Key customer advantages of Sandblast Agent for Browsers:

  • Enables deployment of the most advanced protection for web browsers, while minimizing the challenges of traditional endpoint software implementations.
  • Simple, easy-to-deploy solution that quickly delivers safe, reconstructed content within seconds.
  • Proactively protects users in real-time from advanced malware attacks downloaded via web browsers.
  • Highest malware catch rate in the industry, utilizing patented CPU-level detection and evasion-resistant sandboxing technologies.
  • Blocks unknown and zero-day phishing attacks targeting user credentials and prevents reuse of corporate passwords.

To learn more about Check Point SandBlast Agent for Browsers and Zero Phishing technology, register and join one of our one-hour webinars on, “Secure Every Click: Advanced Protection Against Phishing and Web-Based Attacks” on August 16th & 17th.