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Antivirus Isn’t Dead, But It’s No Panacea

It should come as no surprise that antivirus solutions on their own are not equipped to deal with many of the threats we see today. Norton Antivirus stated as much back in 2014 when it famously declared, “Antivirus is dead.” The claim was not an indication that such products would be discontinued, but more an…

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Security Insights September 29, 2016

Ransomware: Steal Smarter, Not Harder

Occasionally, even cybercriminals must revamp their “product lines.” They do this when their bread-and-butter malware stops making money due to new security measures, or if they invent a better way to rip people off. Check Point security researchers have caught criminals in the act ramping up ransomware attacks while scaling back banking Trojans. We believe…

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Threat Research September 28, 2016

Signature-based security solutions can leave networks defenseless for months

Can you afford five months without protection for your network? In a recent blog post, Avanan wrote that after five months of using a malware sample in their demos to show how malware can bypass traditional security solutions the malware was finally detected by a major enterprise email solution provider. The sample, a Cerber variant,…

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Security Insights September 27, 2016

Gartner Recognizes the Importance of Mobile Threat Defense

HummingBad. Stagefright. QuadRooter. Mobile malware and vulnerabilities have been making headlines well over the past year, and attacks are becoming a more common way for cybercriminals to steal sensitive data. We believe this trend – one that our research team encounters daily – is illustrated in the Gartner Market Guide for Mobile Threat Defense Solutions.*…

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Security Insights September 22, 2016

On Their Best Behavior: Securing iOS and Android in the Enterprise

In today’s business environment, using mobile devices isn’t just a business requirement, it’s an employee expectation. But for some organizations, these devices present security challenges that prevent or limit their ability to support a fully mobile enterprise. It’s not enough that they just deploy or manage iOS and Android devices, they also need to defend…

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Security Insights September 21, 2016

Will your virtual data traffic take the detour around firewalls?

We’re going to need a new term to talk about “data centers.” I say this because virtualization in public and private form factors means the locations of processors and other resources you use on-demand don’t sit statically in a data center anymore. Virtual resources dart around like bees in a field of clover. When will…

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Threat Research September 20, 2016

August’s Top 10 Most Wanted Malware

Today, Check Point revealed that both the number of variants of ransomware and volume of malware attacks were on the rise in August, as the company disclosed the most prevalent malware families attacking organizations’ networks in the period. During August, the number of active ransomware families grew by 12 percent while the number of detected…

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Threat Research September 19, 2016

In The Wild: App Stores Are No Sanctuary for Mobile Malware

Most mobile users rely on Google Play and the Apple App Store for their safety and assume that by downloading only highly-rated apps from these stores keeps them safe from mobile malware. In the past, this might have been a good strategy, but today it doesn’t always work. Breaking the Myth: Google Play The Check…

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Security Insights September 16, 2016

(Ir)responsible Disclosure

Computers have become an essential part of our lives, and in some cases, they are even responsible for keeping us alive. Our dependency to use computers for medical treatments such as diagnostic equipment, medical monitors and even life support is greater than ever. Technology has given the medical sector new and inspirational ways to continue…

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Security Insights September 9, 2016

CallJam Android Malware Found on Google Play

Keeping Android smartphones and tablets safe from malicious apps is a constant battle for enterprises, end users, and for Google. Despite Google’s efforts to prevent cybercriminals from infiltrating Google Play, the Check Point mobile research team has discovered new Android malware there it calls CallJam. CallJam malware includes a premium dialer to generate fraudulent phone…

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Threat Research September 8, 2016