Closing the Cloud Security Gaps

Regardless of where your applications and data reside – whether in private, public or hybrid cloud environments – they are attractive targets. Protecting assets in the cloud requires the same comprehensive security used to protect your physical environments. However, the dynamic and elastic nature of the cloud make traditional security approaches ineffective, exposing organizations and their data to a host of new risks.

What’s more cloud assets are being provisioned and put into production environments without the security teams’ knowledge. Infrastructure teams, server administrators and application developers now define infrastructure – but these disciplines typically do not understand the security implications or vulnerabilities that provisioning new infrastructure brings. At the same time, the lack of cloud knowledge among security teams further increases risk as applications and workloads rapidly migrate to the cloud.

Solving the security challenge of the cloud requires more than simply retrofitting physical network security solutions for the cloud. To learn more about effectively securing the cloud, Join Jon Oltsik, Principal Security Analyst at ESG and yours truly from Check Point on Tuesday, September 13, 2016, for an informative webinar on closing the security gaps organizations face when moving workloads and data to the cloud.

During this webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Trends and drivers moving organizations to embrace cloud technology
  • The new security risks that cloud environments bring
  • Best practices approach to solving cloud security challenges

We look forward to seeing you online! Click here to register.