Dome9 Brings Best-in-Class Security Intelligence to Microsoft Azure

Dome9 Brings Trademark Security Intelligence To Microsoft Azure

We’re excited to share with you that today Dome9 Security announced native, agentless support for Microsoft Azure, the second such infrastructure as a service (IaaS) platform to benefit from the security visibility and control associated with the Dome9 Arc SaaS platform.

As more and more adoption of IaaS occurs, cloud security and operations teams are continually tasked with consuming services in highly dynamic public cloud environments while paying close attention to policy configuration, security implications, and access control.  The reality of cloud enabled security operations is that keeping pace with the complexity associated with a growing number of virtual machines (VMs), accounts, regions, and ultimately use cases, is difficult.  Simply moving an existing workload to the cloud without the appropriate security consideration and management measures in place for visibility or control can leave workloads exposed.

Dome9 Arc is a SaaS-based security platform that is purpose-built to deliver the granular security group visualization and comprehensive security management associated with efficient and dependable security at scale in IaaS environments.

Now, the security situational awareness that the Dome9 Clarity tool provides can be enjoyed by Azure customers as they navigate their VNets in search of any unintended data exposure, for example.  Clarity makes it simple to immediately understand which data is publicly accessible on your network vs. that which is secured away from prying eyes.


Instantly understand where key workloads are exposed, even somewhat, to outside network traffic. Ensure that your private Azure VMs stay private.

More than just Clarity, Dome9 Arc offers a suite of capabilities that speak to understanding enough detail about your security controls to make informed decisions anytime.  The Dome9 Compliance Engine is your partner in measuring the infrastructure you manage with Dome9 against any number of criteria, and producing both aggregate reports across all tests performed, but also the specific detail required by practitioners to fix problems.

The Dome9 Compliance Engine ensures that deviations in your configuration against existing policy are instantly visible

Compliance Engine assessments can be saved to chart progress over time, or printed to be shared with other non-Dome9 users.  Now, instead of being surprised by activity that may deviate from your desired state, leverage the Dome9 Compliance Engine to find it and fix it – fast!

Azure users can now subscribe to Dome9’s 24 x 7 security audit information feed that includes all incoming changes to security controls regardless of where they originate.

Whether controls are changed at the Azure console, from the first run of an automation script, or by a third party product/service that you have onboarded into your environment (for example), Dome9 will catch it and alert you.  Consume this information within the Dome9 portal, or export it to your SIEM of choice.

We’d love to relate Dome9 for Azure to you and your specific needs.  Drop us a line or reach out on Twitter at @dome9 and we’ll show you how Dome9 can make SecOps a breeze on Azure or any IaaS environment.