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Check Point’s SandBlast Wins SC Media Award

At the 2017 RSA Conference in San Francisco, it was clear malware, ransomware and phishing campaigns were top of mind, and attendees were looking for solutions to prevent the latest threats from attacking their networks. Check Point’s mission has and always will be to safeguard our customers with the best solutions possible against cyber threat…

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Security Insights February 27, 2017

2016 H2 Global and Regional Threat Intelligence Trends

Introduction New, sophisticated threats continue to emerge on a daily basis across multiple platforms: social media, mobile platforms, email, and web pages. At the same time, prominent malware and attack methods continue to evolve, bypassing existing security solutions, and tailoring attacks against the largest companies in the world. The devices we use every day are…

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Threat Research February 21, 2017

Android: the Perils of Popularity

Despite the long lines you see stretching from stores when a new iPhone comes out, Android phones rule. According to IDC[i], Android’s market share hovers at over 80 percent while iOS has a market share in the teens. Android’s popularity — and vulnerability to attacks — arise from Google’s decision to make Android an open…

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Security Insights February 15, 2017

Cyber Threat Alliance Marks New Era in Industry Collaboration and Customer Protection

The announcement by the Cyber Threat Alliance (CTA) at the RSA Conference is an important moment in the security industry.  It truly marks a new era of industry collaboration for the greater good through the sharing of threat intelligence to drive better protection for all member customers.   What is the CTA? The Cyber Threat…

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Security Insights February 14, 2017

Check Point’s 2017 Cyber Security Survey Shows Key Concerns and Opportunities among IT Professionals

The theme of the 2017 RSA Conference is ‘The Power of Opportunity’ inspired by an approach to learning taken by the Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki. He said that one should pursue even the most advanced study with the mind-set of a beginner and be open to considering new possibilities. That’s certainly a good way to…

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Security Insights February 13, 2017

The SMISHING threat – unraveling the details of an attack

  On January 26, a new smishing attack targeted users in the Czech Republic. Smishing, or SMS phishing, is a vector attackers use to send SMS messages from supposedly legitimate organizations.  These messages persuade users to download a malicious app, to provide private information like bank account or credit card details, or to click on…

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Threat Research February 9, 2017

Hummingbad Overtaken as Leading Mobile Malware in January’s Global Threat Impact Index

 Hummingbad has been overtaken as the leading mobile malware for the first time since February 2016, according to the new January Global Threat Impact Index from our Threat Intelligence Research Team. Hummingbad was replaced at the top of the ‘most wanted mobile malware’ by Triada, a modular backdoor for Android which grants super-user privileges to…

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Threat Research February 8, 2017

Check Point Prevention at the Movies, Rogue One: Data Loss on a Galactic Scale

  The Client: The Galactic Empire   The situation: Security researchers at Check Point have attributed an attack on the client to a hacking group calling itself the “Rebel Alliance.” Researchers have identified the motive driving the attack was to exfiltrate the Empire’s intellectual property, specifically a file named “Stardust” containing the plans for a large…

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Security Insights February 6, 2017

SQL Slammer Comeback

SQL Slammer is a computer worm that first appeared in the wild in January 2003, and caused a denial of service condition on tens of thousands of servers around the world. It did so by overloading Internet objects such as servers and routers with a massive number of network packets within 10 minutes of its…

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Threat Research February 2, 2017