Check Point Comments on Recent Advanced Threats

Today’s publication by WikiLeaks shows how advanced hacking techniques, including extremely sophisticated exploit tools, are more readily available than you’d think; they’re available to everyone, including governments. These tools provide new surveillance capabilities allowing them to hack into enterprise and military networks, smartphones, tablets and even IoT devices such as Smart TVs.

Check Point researchers have been tracking these exploits since the news was first released. What is not released yet is the code detail.  Since the information was retrieved from early 2016, most of the mobile devices that have been targeted so far are older operating system versions of Android (4.4) and iOS (9.2).While these operating systems do not represent the most up to date, we must recognize that the hackers were able to exploit the current system at the time.

We take this incident very seriously. As stated above, our extensive team has been analyzing the tools and the threat within the first hour. Check Point will continue to innovate and provide our customer community with the most effective protections for mobile platforms, cloud computing and advanced threats. Our advanced SandBlast and Mobile Threat Prevention is designed to detect unknown and zero-day threats – these threats are a textbook example of the reasoning behind Check Point’s strategy focus.

Our sophisticated and experienced team of analysts are here to assist and guide in detail, feel free to contact us for a threat profile of your organization.