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OSX Malware is Catching Up, and it wants to Read Your HTTPS Traffic (updated)

People often assume that if you’re running OSX, you’re relatively safe from malware. But this is becoming less and less true, as evidenced by a new strain of malware encountered by the Check Point malware research team. This new malware – dubbed OSX/Dok — affects all versions of OSX, has 0 detections on VirusTotal (as…

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Threat Research April 27, 2017

Securing the Connected Car Steps Up a Gear

“Here in my car, I feel safest of all …” That line from Gary Numan’s hit single, ‘Cars’ sums up the way many of us feel when we’re driving: safe and protected in the privacy of our vehicles. But cars are increasingly connected to the outside world. Features that were once only available on premium…

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Security Insights April 26, 2017

Banking trojans are on the rise: here’s how to avoid being robbed

Banking trojans are helping cybercriminals to commit the perfect crime:  stealing money from the accounts of unsuspecting victims, almost untraceably and at minimal risk.  As such it’s no surprise that from June to December 2016, banking trojans were only fractionally behind ransomware in being the most prevalent type of malware, and in Asia-Pacific countries they…

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Security Insights April 25, 2017

SandBlast Mobile receives highest security score in independent test

Great news!  Miercom conducted the first independent, hands-on test of mobile threat defense products and Check Point SandBlast Mobile received Miercom’s Certified Secure Award! This is Miercom’s highest award for achievement in competitive, hands-on testing and according to the firm, “Check Point could detect and block 100% of malicious applications and network attacks and mitigate…

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2017-4-24 Global Cyber Attack Reports

TOP ATTACKS AND BREACHES A wave of email-spread malware hit Americans, seeking to exploit the April tax payment deadline by sending malicious attachments that appear to be legitimate tax emails. These attachments contain remote-access Trojans and other…

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Research April 24, 2017

FalseGuide misleads users on GooglePlay

Update: Since April 24, when the article below was first published, Check Point researchers learned that the FalseGuide attack is far more extensive than originally understood. Five additional apps containing the malware were found on Google Play, developed by “Анатолий Хмеленко.” The apps were uploaded to the app store as early as November 2016, meaning…

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Threat Research

Introducing SandBlast Mobile: comprehensive mobile threat protection

Just how susceptible are mobile devices to attacks in enterprise environments? It’s safe to say that mobile cyberattacks beset every business. For 12 months, Check Point analyzed data from 850 companies around the world, and discovered some surprising insights: 100% of the organizations had at least one mobile malware attack The average number of mobile…

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Enterprise Mobile Security April 21, 2017

Check Point Infinity – The Security Architecture of the Future – Today

Infinity is boundless.  Unfortunately so are your IT demands and security expectations.  The explosion of new technologies promising simplification, untold efficiencies and cost savings are only creating uncertainty, complexity and risk. There needs to be a force to unify and harness the promise of these new technologies for the benefit of business operations and customers. …

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Security Insights April 20, 2017

When you look at files from your cloud, are they looking back at you?

When your users look at files served from your cloud platform, files that have tracking pixels could be looking back — revealing more than you should to outsiders about users and infrastructure. Security researchers are finding tracking pixels implicated in attacks on enterprises. So, if your IT workloads are on a cloud platform, you should…

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Security Insights April 17, 2017

March’s ‘Most Wanted’ Malware List: Exploit Kits Rise Again in Popularity

Old malware rarely dies:  it just lies dormant for a while.  This was one of the key findings of the Check Point Research Team’s latest Global Threat Impact Index, which saw a surge in the usage of Exploit Kits during March, following a steady decline in usage since a high point in May 2016. Exploit…

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Threat Research April 13, 2017