Check Point Infinity – The Security Architecture of the Future – Today

Infinity is boundless.  Unfortunately so are your IT demands and security expectations.  The explosion of new technologies promising simplification, untold efficiencies and cost savings are only creating uncertainty, complexity and risk. There needs to be a force to unify and harness the promise of these new technologies for the benefit of business operations and customers.  Welcome to the future of cyber security, Check Point Infinity.  Check Point Infinity is the first ever consolidated, security architecture across networks, cloud and mobile providing the highest level of threat prevention.  The days of ineffective, disparate, point product security constructs are over.


Today’s Reality

IT security is undergoing incredible and disruptive upheaval.  What was innovative and leading yesterday is stale and behind today.  Security’s comfortable existence around the safe and predictable perimeter (data center?) has been overrun by smart mobile devices, virtual instances, public cloud, private cloud, Everything as a Service (EaaS), Internet of Things (IOT) and more.  To successfully navigate and survive this disruptive period, businesses must digitally transform else be left behind like buggy whips in the age of the automobile.  Digital transformation is about changing the way business operates down to and including  IT security.  It  is about leveraging interconnectivity and meeting the natural ebb and flow of business with elastic infrastructure that automatically delivers all the services in the most efficient and cost effective way.  Incrementalism is gone.  The focus is no longer about how to do the same things, the same way, just a little faster at a little less cost.  It is about complete transformation to a new paradigm by leveraging virtual, mobile, cloud, EaaS, and more to deliver fast, reliable business operations in a more connected, dynamic, efficient and cost effective way.

But it is not easy … Businesses cannot realize the incredible promise of these technologies unless they can be properly secured.  Unfortunately, all too-often the security constructs for these new environments harken back to the early-2000’s where a hodge-podge of unintegrated, disparate, point products were deployed. So rather than one, unified security architecture, businesses are again stuck with the inefficiencies of managing multiple – as many as a dozen or more! – separate security products that in the end do not effectively protect the new IT operation or the business.  Think about it – separate products for network, endpoint, cloud, mobile, and more – is a “can’t see the forest for the trees” construct.  Each product gives tunnel vison focus on small elements but they do not work together for better security nor do they give you view of the bigger, more important business picture.  This is just not useful, nor effective, security.

So how can businesses overcome this apparent Gordian Knot?  With a consolidated, single security architecture that:

  1. Manages mobile, cloud and network environments …
  2. And protects them with integrated threat prevention …
  3. With a security policy that expresses your business needs …
  4. And supports the ebb and flow of cloud demand with auto scaling.


This is the cyber security architecture of the future.  This is Check Point Infinity.  How does Infinity do it?

First, a little background.  Check Point Infinity is the culmination of our overarching vision to build a security architecture that unifies the best security, the best intelligence and the best management across networks, cloud and  mobile.  I learned this important mindset many years ago in my early days at Check Point.  While we certainly focus and strive to build the best individual products, our overarching mission is to build a unified security architecture.  Why?  Because a unified security architecture simply makes businesses more secure and their security operations much more efficient and effective.

Check Point Infinity delivers on this vision by uniquely combining three key elements:

  1. One Security Platform leveraging unified threat intelligence and open interfaces
  2. Preemptive Threat Prevention blocking the most sophisticated attacks before they happen
  3. Consolidated System of single management, modular policy management and integrated threat visibility


One Security Platform

We all know that today’s typical IT environment is comprised of myriad services hosted on another myriad of platforms – hardware, virtual, cloud on/off-premise, mobile and more.  Simply deploying common protection across these varied environs is daunting, if not impossible.  Infinity shatters this impediment to provide common, timely and comprehensive security across all platforms.  Specifically,

1)     Highest level of security on all platforms regardless of  network or size

You have them  all – soft perimeter, data center deployments, virtualized deployments, on premise cloud, multiple cloud services, mobile devices around the world accessing business applications and data … On your own, securing them is an incredibly complex undertaking.  Check Point Infinity is the only architecture that spans all of your IT assets – perimeter, data center, virtual, cloud, mobile  and beyond, providing a wall of coordinated protection from advanced threats.


2)     Block attacks using common threat indicators across all networks

ThreatCloud is where we manage all of Check Point’s threat intelligence. It’s the biggest repository of its kind.  But ThreatCloud is not just an arbitrary collection of information. It’s an active entity that constantly analyzes big data to automatically identify threats.  It works to proactively expose and correlate the full operation of cyber-attack campaigns.  Consider the following sequence:

A malicious email is sent to O365 cloud and blocked

Threat cloud receives the IOC, expands to additional IOCs, and as a result :

  • An SMS with malicious link blocked
  • Another user browsing to an infected site is blocked
  • A cloud server is infected and it’s C&C communication is blocked

These attacks might seem unrelated, but in fact they could belong to a single attack campaign that is targeting a business using multiple attack vectors. We know this thanks to ThreatCloud and thanks to Infinity, all Check Point customer networks, cloud and mobile are automatically protected.


3)     Easily integrate to 3rd party modules for elevated security and orchestration

As you begin to automate and orchestrate the rest of your infrastructure, your security enforcement can be automated as well.  Rather than taking hours or even weeks to manually implement a change request to support new infrastructure, changes can happen automatically by integrating with various orchestration and change control systems.


Preemptive Threat Prevention

It is, after all, about security and Check Point Infinity is about comprehensive and timely security across all networks, clouds and mobile devices.

1)     Focused on PREVENTION.  Saving cost and time for effective protection

From our inception, Check Point is focused on delivering the best security possible.  And while it has recently become fashionable to wave the white flag, accept “patient-0” and focus on incident response, all of us at Check Point are intensely focused on PREVENTION.  The formula is simple:  block attacks before they happen equals better security and savings in incident response and breach damages.

2)     Preventing both known and  unknown targeted attacks

Infinity is the only security architecture that uniquely combine multiple security functions into a single, unified threat prevention solution to protect all of your IT assets – perimeter, data center, virtual, clouds, mobile devices and beyond – against all known, previously unknown and zero-day attacks.  For example, our SandBlast family of advanced threat prevention products, built upon the Infinity architecture, delivers dozens of cutting edge and preemptive protections like anti-phishing and anti-ransomware that protect before infection and damages.  The Infinity architecture empowers our products to work together to expose the full scope of advanced cyber-attacks, and to block them.


Consolidated System

At Check Point we’ve long understood that better management means better security.  This is a simple but vital point – Check Point Infinity is an architecture that gives you complete, unified control over the security across your networks, cloud and mobile from a single pane of glass.  It is an architecture for better security and operations.  It is better security.

1)     Efficiently manage security through a single pane of glass

Security operations immediately improve because Infinity give security teams a unified view of security – and the team only have to learn and manage one security architecture – not 10, 15 or more separate, disparate products with different user interfaces, terminology, tools, capabilities …

2)     Centrally correlate all types of events across all network environments, cloud services and mobile infrastructure

Monitor, correlate and respond to security events that are important for your business, not for individual products.   As described earlier in the ThreatCloud example, you want to see and understand the full picture  of security according to your business priorities and not just the individual unrelated snippets from multiple different  products.  Infinity gives you the full picture of your security.


This  is Check Point Infinity.  The first of its kind security architecture that uniquely combines industry leading threat prevention to protect across all networks, cloud and mobile and managed from a single unified management pane of glass.  Until now, in their attempts to help their business capitalize on the many benefits of new technologies, security teams cobble together the best security infrastructure they can.  But these homegrown constructs are operationally inefficient, deliver ineffective security and fall short of fully leveraging the promise of the new technologies they aim to support.  Check Point Infinity is exactly the opposite.  Infinity enables businesses to protect and manage their entire IT operation as single cohesive architecture for the benefit of their business operations and their customers.

Possibly not since the proliferation of the internet has there been such disruptive change in IT driven by virtualization, cloud, mobile and more.  Accordingly, these new technologies present tremendous opportunity for businesses to transform in ways that dramatically benefit operations and most importantly, customers.  We are very pleased and proud to deliver Check Point Infinity to help open the door for our customers to improve their business with all these new IT technologies of today, and to do so securely and efficiently, across all networks, cloud and mobile.


Learn more about Check Point Infinity, click here.