Check Point R80.10 Maximizes Security and Minimizes Operational Overhead for CCI Nice Côte D’Azur, Creating a “WOW” Effect

Security threats and attackers continue to adapt their techniques, making it more difficult than ever for organizations to protect themselves. When the CCI Nice Côte D’Azur upgraded to Check Point’s R80.10 Security Management, it increased threat prevention performance, efficiency, and visibility while reducing operational overhead.


In a recent chat with Frédéric Achache, IT Projects Manager of CCI Nice Côte D’Azur, I gained some interesting behind-the-scenes perspectives on its security challenges. The CCI is a metropolitan and regional agency charged with promoting economic development across the Alpes-Maritimes Côte D’Azur region. In addition to headquarters, its network connects multiple locations in the region, the Riviera Ports network (Port of Cannes, Nice, Antibes, Golfe-Juan and Villefranche), two airports (Nice and Cannes), the French Riviera Cruise Club, and La Commission du Film Alpes-Maritimes Côte D’Azur, which hosts the glamorous Cannes Film Festival.


With a small team responsible for overseeing networking and security, CCI wanted to increase security and threat visibility while reducing management overhead. It recently upgraded to Check Point’s R80.10 Security Management for its headquarters gateway appliances. Check Point R80.10 is the first business-aware platform that protects organizations against existing threats and keeps them protected with a future-proof architecture. It integrates all aspects of CCI’s security environment under a single pane of glass in SmartConsole, which greatly increases efficiency and delivers threat intelligence and visibility across premises-based, mobile, and cloud users, applications, and devices.


R80.10 and SmartConsole give the team an easy-to-use consolidated solution for managing security, with deep visibility and unmatched context. Achache told us that Check Point has helped them:

  • Reduce operational overhead: The entire team now uses R80.10 for troubleshooting, reviewing granular log data, adding rules, and reporting. Multiple team members can also use the dashboard simultaneously, saving time and increasing efficiency while enabling secure workflow and collaboration on policy.
  • Gain deeper visibility: Index search gives the team fast access to specific rules, logs, or instances of specific search terms. From the dashboard, CCI also sees actual application usage and context across its user base.
  • Achieve granular policy: CCI has deployed multiple threat profiles on the security gateway, which enables granular threat prevention policy. They now see advanced threats stopped, identify and block access to malicious URLs, and can easily tune rules to stop new threats and future-proof security.
  • Deliver “Wow” reports: Achache says that R80.10 reporting templates are very good, and now they send weekly, detailed reports to upper management in PowerPoint. The first time that an executive saw the report, he said “Wow!” It’s now easy for executives to share mobile access, user activity, application usage, and threat data with department heads to continue enhancing security awareness.


CCI Nice Côte D’Azur is planning to test Check Point SandBlast and SandBlast Agent to consolidate functionality and potentially replace an existing endpoint vendor. At the same time, they are considering Check Point appliance deployment in non-headquarters locations to further consolidate security operations and reduce overhead. That’s great to hear. We’re looking forward to updates in the future.


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