ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware Earns “Editor’s Choice” from PC magazine

A recent review in PC magazine by Lead Analyst, Neil J. Rubenking approaches one of cyber security’s latest growing concerns, ransomware. Various comparison tests of anti-ransomware products were conducted while specifically focusing on Check Point’s consumer anti-ransomware product, ZoneAlarm. ZoneAlarm by Check Point is based on the same technology of its enterprise grade product, SandBlast Anti- Ransomware.

I was very pleased to read that Rubenking took ZoneAlarm for a test drive in a real-life ransomware simulation. Rubenking’s simulation demonstrated ZoneAlarm’s capabilities to defeat each threat in a very easy-to-use, intuitive mode.  ZoneAlarm leaves zero traces of any malicious code or files, keeping the tested PC safe and sound.


Quick & Simple

The installation for ZoneAlarm is a fairly straightforward. Within minutes, you’ll see the main screen and receive a notification that all your files are safe!


Real-Life Ransomware Protection

As part of Rubenking’s demonstration to prove the effectiveness of ZoneAlarm’s technology, he used real-life simulation examples to exemplify how to test the ransomware products. Rubenking stated, “Simulation tools can be useful, but any simulator that fully and truly emulated ransomware behavior would itself be ransomware”.  ZoneAlarm scanned and detected each tested ransomware sample, then alerted the user about the results and if needed, repaired any file that had been infected. The repair process not only fixed all the files (within a few minutes), it also wiped out ransom notes.  Noting “A truly impressive showing”, ZoneAlarm’s performance beats the other compared products from the review.


The Best Ransomware Protection

The world has witnessed the destructive potential of ransomware over the last months with outbreaks such as NotPetya and WannaCry, providing a glimpse of how this can affect our daily lives. Ransomware can be deadly and has already impacted many places of business and including a malicious attack on health care facilities in England and public transportation systems in Germany and the Russian Interior Ministry in May of 2017. These life-threatening examples aren’t fictional, they’re real.

The review concludes eloquently “Among the ransomware-specific tools I’ve evaluated so far, ZoneAlarm Anti-Ransomware is a clear winner. It successfully handled all real-life ransomware samples … It fixed all changes made by the ransomware processes, including wiping out ransom notes that some other products leave behind”.


Bottom line

Check Point continues to invest in innovative cyber security products and help the world take a preventive approach towards existing and unknown threats. The review and real-life tests demonstrated speak for themselves thus earning the title of “Editor’s Choice”

Check out the full review for yourself.