Would you Rather be Reactive or Proactive?

In today’s world, an organization’s cyber security system must always be operating at full force. What seemed to be “good enough solutions” before are simply not enough. Still, organizations choose to handle technical issues after the fact, providing remediation after the damage has already been done. Instead of waiting for the next attack to occur, we can take action.

Check Point PRO support proactively monitors your security management and gateways, providing a report on the organizations overall security, diagnostics and actionable insights. With automatic ticket creation and escalation, alert fatigue will no longer be an issue. Businesses can take comfort in knowing that a Check Point PRO expert will identify all high severity incidents and remediate the issue fast and efficiently. To ensure smooth IT and business operations, it is critical to proactively address any and all operational risks before they have the chance to affect your network. So, would you rather be reactive or proactive?


Reactive vs. Proactive

Let’s run a scenario first without Check Point PRO. On one of your security appliances, the IT administrator did not configure the High Availability (HA) systems correctly. Consequently, the poor load balancer settings and redundancy properties negatively affects the traffic and operational performance between the nodes. Without an alert to this misconfiguration, a business will experience serious server downtime. Did you know that if your HW fails it could be up to 72 hours of downtime? That’s 3 days of time and money lost, undirected traffic and poor customer service. By implementing daily monitoring and creating a simple report, a business would have been notified of the misconfiguration much earlier. Proactively identifying a misconfiguration allows for a fast and efficient way to remediate the issue.

What happens when Check Point PRO Support is activated? Let’s examine the results of monitoring the HA configurations on the same security appliance. Your IT administrator did not set the configurations for the HA systems correctly. On that same day, the PRO support monitors and flags the misconfiguration, opens the service request, and produces a report that is sent to you. At the same time a cyber-expert calls to explain that the load balancer settings and redundancy properties are not set correctly, allowing for possible server downtime. Now that the organization is made aware of the issue, adjustments can be made to the node configurations and voilà, the downtime is avoided and the service request closed, all on the same day.


A weight off your shoulders

We live in a world where we no longer need to solely rely on manual monitoring. We can take action and proactively handle an attack before it causes any damage. The technology already exists, and the support system is already available. It is time to start taking advantage of current technology and stop living in the past. As we can see from the above scenarios, a proactive approach is necessary for an efficient and productive work environment. Recurring reports easily help us identify the issues and topics of concern. Without an automatic ticket creation and aide from Check Point PRO, the amount of time and money lost is immeasurable. Be proactive, stay protected and rely on professionals with Check Point PRO Support.