Epidemic: Can Scaling Companies Keep Themselves Safe in The Cloud?

Business that operate in the public cloud have been making headlines recently, but not for good reasons.

Companies like Verizon can’t seem to go more than a week without another exposed S3 bucket or misconfigured security group being discovered and reported. Because of these cracks in the foundation, millions of customers personal information has been made available to hackers. And they aren’t alone.

Over 200 million American voters had their names, addresses and other highly sensitive personal data exposed in yet another recent hack. And the hits just keep on coming.  HBO, Viacom and even the Dow Jones can’t seem to keep their security postures tight enough to turn away the constant flood of malicious invaders.

The problem for all of these organizations is the same: scale. Public cloud environments made available through providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) are powerful and efficient, but they also get incredibly complex the larger they get. These environments can be the safest places to put data in the world. The problem is in the fundamental understanding that the techniques used to secure a datacenter no longer apply in a cloud. Each end point in a cloud must be secured or it becomes a vulnerability to an organization and its customers.

For a company at scale, heavy computing in AWS can only be done safely through the careful study of, and adherence to, a list of carefully created best practices. Learning these and implementing them well can be a challenge, but when done correctly, they make an AWS environment much less vulnerable.

Nailing security is so important to AWS that it is providing a free webinar with a client that’s doing things the right way (Western Union) and one of its premiere security partners (Dome9 Security) to educate security teams. Join in for an hour on October 17 and take a major step towards ensuring your team won’t become the next Verizon.

Join Us to Learn:

  • Methods for mitigating top security concerns for enterprises deploying workloads to the cloud
  • AWS best practices and tools used to achieve robust security in cloud environments
  • How visibility, automated compliance and active protection deliver better cloud security

When: Tues., Oct. 17, 2017 | 8 am PDT / 11 am EDT

Who Should Attend:

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), VPs of Information Security, Directors of Information Security, VPs of Cloud Operations, Directors of Cloud Operations, Cloud Architects, Cloud Security Architects, Directors of DevOps, Directors of Security Operations.

AWS Speaker: Scott Ward, Partner Solutions Architect

Dome9 Speaker: Suda Srinivasan, Vice President of Growth

Customer Speaker: Roman Gruber, Director Application Security, Western Union

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