Webinar: Examining The Latest Trends In Enterprise Mobile Cyberattacks

The explosive proliferation of personal smartphones and tablets in the workplace exposes companies to increased risk of cyberattacks. How bad can it be? Threats to mobile users are myriad and powerful, and hackers are ultimately capable of compromising any device, accessing sensitive data at any time.

For the past year Check Point mobile threat researchers analyzed data from 850 businesses around the world and determined that every business was attacked at least once. This landmark cybersecurity study is the first to assess actual threat data of corporate-owned and bring-your-own devices.

Don’t miss Check Point’s latest webinar on December 7, entitled “Mobile Cyberattacks Impact Every Business,” where you will learn:

  • What industries are most impacted by mobile malware
  • What regions are under the most mobile attacks
  • Are there security risks to iOS
  • SandBlast Mobile’s new capabilities

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In the meantime, listen to Michael Shaulov, Head of Mobile and Cloud Products, discuss Check Point’s mobile threat research in a recent radio interview. Just click the icon below.