Dome9 is a Launch Partner of the Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC)

Last March, Dome9 announced native support for Google Cloud in its security and compliance automation solution. Dome9 Arc became a true multi-cloud security and compliance solution, offering native integration with the three major public cloud providers — AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Over the past 12 months, we have continued to build out platform capabilities across these leading cloud services to allow our customers to simplify security operations across different cloud environments from a consolidated control plane.

Today, we are proud to be an inaugural partner of the Google Cloud Security Command Center. The Dome9 Arc SaaS platform integrates with the Google Cloud SCC via API to present findings from continuous compliance assessments generated by the Dome9 Compliance Engine. With Single Sign-On (SSO) integration, they can seamlessly sign into the Dome9 console to investigate results further when needed. This marks another significant milestone in our ongoing partnership with the Google Cloud team.

To understand the value of this integration, let’s start with a bit of background.

Dome9 Compliance Engine

The Dome9 Compliance Engine is an automation framework that allows customers to automatically assess their cloud environments against regulatory standards and security best practices. They can use pre-packaged test suites that check for compliance against regulatory standards or security best practices, or they can easily create their own test suites that capture their organization’s unique requirements.

Core to the Dome9 Compliance Engine is a powerful, expressive language for specifying security policies, called the Governance Specification Language (GSL). Using GSL, customers are able to create human-readable and machine-enforceable policies that capture security and governance requirements.

A compliance assessment creates a scorecard like this:

Dome9 offers continuous compliance capabilities that automatically run assessments on an ongoing basis and report on new violations:


Integration with Google Cloud SCC

The integration between the Dome9 Arc platform and the Google Cloud SCC allows customers to consume and explore the results of assessments of the Dome9 Compliance Engine directly from Google Cloud SCC.

– You can see a summary view of findings from the latest compliance run at a glance using the Summary Card view:

– You can then get into the list of findings in the compliance assessment and search and filter by source and type:

– The Finding Details view provides further context about a specific finding:

– Finally, with Single Sign-on (SSO) integration, you can seamlessly sign into the Dome9 console directly from the Google Cloud SCC to investigate results further when needed.

Dome9 has been a proud GCP partner for over a year, and now we look forward to strengthening our partnership with richer integrations such as Google Cloud SCC. For further details, please visit our dedicated page for the Google Cloud Platform: