Active Protection for Google Cloud with Dome9 Arc Platform

In the days leading up to the Google Cloud Next conference last year, we announced native support for Google Cloud in the Dome9 Arc security and compliance automation platform. This integration gave GCP customers the ability to manage security and compliance in their public cloud environments using Dome9’s powerful control fabric. We were the first cloud security vendor to offer native, agentless security orchestration for the three leading IaaS services — AWS, Azure and GCP.

We’ve continued to build out our security automation capabilities for Google Cloud in the past year. As we get ready to attend the Google Cloud Next ’18 conference in San Francisco (July 23-24), we’re taking a moment to recap what Dome9 offers GCP customers. 

What Does Dome9 Help With?

If you have been following the news in the past 12-16 months, you’ve probably noticed the big uptick in the number of breaches and data exposures and the public cloud. Pretty much every breach was the result of configuration errors and a lack of continuous policy enforcement. These are the issues that Dome9 helps our customers stay protected against. Dome9 gives you the ability to visualize your network assets, assess your security posture, and actively protect against vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

What Value Does Dome9 Offer GCP Customers?

1. Visibility into Cloud Assets

Dome9 gives you a comprehensive view of all the assets in your Google Compute Engine environment, across regions, projects and virtual networks, from a single pane of glass.

2. Visibility and Enforcement of Network Security Posture

GCP Projects segment an organization to help facilitate services and separate functions such as billing and accounting. As you navigate GCP projects, you can now leverage Clarity to  visualize your cloud security using a dedicated, purpose-built platform. This allows you to interactively identify configuration drift, assess impact of new vulnerabilities and spot firewall rule misconfigurations quickly.

3. Continuous Compliance and Governance

The Dome9 Compliance Engine allows customers to automatically and continuously assess their cloud security configuration against regulatory standards (such as CIS, NIST, SOC 2, and PCI) and built-in security best practices. They can use pre-packaged test suites that check for compliance or they can easily create their own customized test suites that capture their organization’s unique requirements.


With GSL, or Governance Specification Language, you can write rules using plain english instead of complicated code, and anybody can understand them.  Don’t know the syntax? Use the guided rule-builder interface!



Integration with Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC)

As a launch partner of the new Google Cloud Security Command Center (SCC), our integration helps customers to manage their security and compliance posture directly from the command center console.

Dome9/GSCC integration allows you to gain visibility into security and compliance risks, within the Google Cloud environments directly from the command center console. As part of the integration, Dome9 monitors Google Cloud environments and generates alerts related to asset misconfigurations, compliance violations, network security risks and anomalous user activities to Cloud Security Command Center.

You can see a summary view of findings from the latest compliance run at a glance using the Summary Card view:


The Finding Details view provides further context about a specific finding:




Dome9 has been a proud GCP partner for over a year, and now we look forward to strengthening our partnership with richer integrations such as Google Cloud SCC. For further details, please visit our dedicated page for the Google Cloud Platform:

Looking forward to seeing you next week at the Moscone Center South – Stop by the Dome9 booth S1216!