Combatting Fifth Generation Cyberattacks: Introducing SandBlast Mobile 3.0 and New 23900 Security Gateway

We can count on one thing when it comes to protecting businesses from cyberattacks. Threat actors will always exploit the softest part of their targets. Today, in the fifth generation of cyberattacks, this fact rings more true than ever.

Multi-vector attacks that probe enterprise networks and connected devices and change rapidly to avoid detection are the hallmarks of fifth-generation cyberattacks. Preventing these sophisticated attacks is exactly what compelled Check Point to develop two new products: SandBlast Mobile 3.0 and the 23900 security gateway.

With SandBlast Mobile 3.0 Check Point introduces threat prevention technology to the mobile threat defense market category for the first time. Meanwhile, the new 23900 security gateway sets a new standard of protection against the most advanced cyberattacks targeting enterprise and data center networks.


SandBlast Mobile 3.0: A New Security Paradigm

SandBlast Mobile 3.0 is the market-leading mobile threat defense solution to prevent advanced cyberattacks on Android and iOS. Its technology protects against threats to the operating system, apps and network, scoring the industry’s highest threat catch rate without impacting performance or user experience. SandBlast 3.0 establishes a new mobile security paradigm with on-device network threat prevention, improved usability, and data privacy features. With these latest enhancements SandBlast Mobile will now:

  • Prevent phishing attacks on all applications: email, messaging and social media
  • Prevent browsing to malicious sites where devices may become infected
  • Block infected devices from sending sensitive data to botnets
  • Keep infected devices from accessing corporate applications and data
  • Mitigate threats without relying on user action or mobile management platforms

Attend the August 7 webinar, “Preventing Mobile Network Attacks,” to learn more about SandBlast Mobile 3.0. Better yet, why not schedule a demo.


The 23900 Security Gateway: Maximum Network Protection

The new 23900 is the latest addition to the Check Point 23000 family of security gateways. It sets a new standard for protecting against the most advanced cyberattacks that target enterprises and data center networks.

Powered by Check Point’s Infinity architecture, the 23900 security gateway offers all-inclusive cyber security that consolidates threat prevention network protections, including Check Point’s award-winning SandBlast™ Zero-Day Protection. The Check Point 23000 family delivers the power to inspect SSL-encrypted traffic without compromising performance, uptime, or scalability.

The 23900 security gateway offers maximum security performance with 128 Gbps of firewall throughput in a compact 2U chassis. It supports the fastest connectivity standards up to 100 GbE and features modular expansion options with up to 42 network interfaces.

Key features of the Check Point 23900 security gateway include:

  • The industry’s most advanced threat prevention technologies
  • The fastest Gen V security gateway with 22.7Gbps of threat prevention output and total of 128 Gbps of raw firewall bandwidth
  • Powerful hardware for SSL encrypted traffic inspection

Download the 23900 datasheet here for more info. Ready to meet? Contact your nearest Check Point partner.