Quickly Gauge Your Security’s Generation With This 5-Question Quiz

by Bob Matlow, Cyber Security Advocate


The cyber-security world entered a new day and age when WannaCry and NotPetya wrecked havoc across hundreds of countries, causing billions of dollars of damage. Cyber criminals have adapted to this new reality by launching multi-vector, polymorphic, globally-scaled attacks – but IT professionals are lagging behind. Only 3 percent of companies  have translated the new information into best practices that make their organizations more secure.


To bridge the gap between the visionary and the practical, Check Point has developed a five question security quiz –  an easy way for IT professionals to discover which of the five generations best describes their security. In addition, our experts offer advice on how to bring cyber security in each generation up to today’s standard of fifth- generation cyber security. It only takes moments to take the quiz and receive insightful feedback from world-class cyber security experts.


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