Check Point Is a Leader in 2018 Next-Generation Firewall NFGW Test by NSS Labs

NSS Labs recently conducted and published the results of its 2018 Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Group Test.  At Check Point, we pride ourselves on our “sense of urgency” to move quickly to protect against new vulnerabilities and attacks, and in a follow-on public test conducted at NSS Labs in August, 2018, we delivered outstanding results*:


  • 100% Live Exploit Block Rate
  • 100% Evasion resistance
  • 99.62% Exploit Block Rate Overall
  • 100% Stability and Reliability
  • Performance 20% higher than published device performance rating


Track Record of Leadership and Excellence


Consistent leadership and excellence in technology, security and value over the long-term is a fundamental requirement to be a leading security vendor.  Check Point has participated in NSS Labs’ NGFW test since 2012 and we received NSS Labs Recommended ratings in five of the NSS Labs NGFW Group tests since then.  We are pleased our follow-on test results produced the same security leadership and excellence that we, and our customers, expect.  This SVM represents the security leadership and value that Check Point has consistently and reliably delivered for over 20 years, and also for this public NSS Labs NGFW test:


Independent Validation to Make the Product Better


Those of us in the industry know that security is a highly critical and complex business.  Check Point believes NSS Labs independent testing provides an essential and valuable service to the market to help clarify and validate the leading products and vendors.  Over the years our participation in NSS Labs tests have made our products better and did so in this August 2018 NGFW test.  Operationally we strive to deliver the best security possible. Following the July 2018 NGFW group test, we worked closely with NSS Labs to ensure our security gateways with R80.20 deliver the stability and security our customers need, and delivered excellent results.


NGFW – Essential and Foundational


Just a few short years ago the Next Generation Firewall was leading edge security technology.  Since then, attacker and attack capabilities have advanced tremendously yet the NGFW has remained integral, in fact essential to security deployments today.  As security generations have advanced, the NGFW is the foundation, the start of a good security architecture that is capable of protecting against even the most advanced attacks of today.  We recognize and acknowledge the essential role of the NGFW and we are pleased our NGFW delivered these excellent NSS Labs test results.  You can find a copy of our most recent test report here.  For more information about the generations of security and how to assess what generation security you currently have deployed, click here.


* The indicated results listed are updated test results following a resolution of a stability issue in a low level I/S that was found in the 2018 NSS Labs test.