Check Point and BlackBerry Partner to Prevent Mobile Cyberattacks

By Brian Gleeson, Head of Threat Prevention Product Marketing, Check Point


It is no secret that mobile devices remain the weakest link in the security strategy of most businesses, despite the increasing frequency of sophisticated mobile cyberattacks.  While businesses invest heavily protecting networks, end points and cloud deployments, their mobile fleets remain largely unprotected, exposing both sensitive enterprise data, as well as the personal data of their employees.


For the past three years, Check Point and BlackBerry have worked closely with great success to deliver rock-solid mobile security solutions to enterprises, particularly in North America and Europe. That’s why the recent news coming out of the BlackBerry Security Summit in London formalizing the relationship is such great news for customers. Essentially, the partnership revolves around two security leaders coming together to make it easier for businesses to protect workers’ mobile devices, with BlackBerry now selling and supporting Check Point SandBlast Mobile, the leading mobile threat defense solution on the market.


The technology fit is quite natural for BlackBerry and Check Point. SandBlast Mobile is BlackBerry Dynamics enabled and integrated with BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Management (UEM). BlackBerry® UEM, allows businesses to securely manage devices operating on all key platforms and supports all device ownership models. BlackBerry® Dynamics, managed by BlackBerry UEM, extends access to best-in-class secure productivity apps, as well as secure mobile app development and containerization, enabling multi-OS support for a wide range of collaboration, line of business, third-party and custom-built secure apps. Customers can now find SandBlast on BlackBerry’s Marketplace, too.


SandBlast Mobile 3.0 is the most complete threat defense solution designed to prevent emerging fifth generation cyberattacks, allowing workers to safely conduct business. Its technology protects against threats to the operating system, apps and network, scoring the industry’s highest catch rate without impacting performance or user experience.


With 90 percent of all cyberattacks beginning with a phishing campaign, threat actors exploit enterprise mobility’s unprotected phishing channels: private and corporate email, SMS, and messaging apps like Slack, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and many others. SandBlast Mobile’s unique security infrastructure – On-device Network Protection – delivers threat prevention capabilities to enterprise mobile devices that were previously only available in network and endpoint security solutions. By inspecting and controlling all network traffic on the device, SandBlast Mobile prevents phishing attacks across all apps, email, SMS, iMessage and messaging apps. In addition, the solution prevents accessing malicious or restricted websites, and infected devices from accessing corporate resources and communicating with botnets. To ensure data and user privacy, SandBlast Mobile validates cellular traffic on the device itself without routing data through a corporate gateway.


For anyone interested in learning more about SandBlast Mobile from an industry perspective, access Gartner’s “Comparison of Mobile Threat Defense Solutions” by Patrick Hevesi and Michael Isbitski (requires license for Gartner Technical Professionals).