FC (FreakyClown), Cyber Talks, and the latest in cyber security: Join us for CPX 360!

On January 21-23, February 4-6, and February 18-20, the top minds in cyber security will gather in Bangkok, Las Vegas, and Vienna for CPX 360. Check Point is proud to put on the industry’s premier cyber security summit and expo at three different locations across the world. Each event will host internal and external speakers for an interactive experience, exploring how to build Gen V cyber security architecture for the today and the future.


This year, we’re proud to announce that FC (FreakyClown) will deliver a fascinating keynote at CPX Americas and Europe about the inner workings of the hacker’s mind. The former head of cyber research for Raytheon UK, FC is a well-known ethical hacker and social engineer who ‘breaks into’ hundreds of banks, offices and government facilities finding weaknesses that assist organizations in improving their security.  We’re excited to host him and to hear his perspective on the thought processes of the modern day hacker.


Along with that, we’ll have hands-on technology innovation labs, CheckMates community use-cases for sharing best-practices, and we’ll even have a brand-new Geek Village – chock full of workshops to learn about and play with concepts like malware reversing and lock picks via Lego models.


And finally, CPX 360 will have Cyber Talk keynotes, which will bring cybersecurity experts together in order to identify ways to tackle unprecedented security challenges and discuss cybersecurity priorities, trends and innovations. Attendees will hear from Check Point executives – founder/CEO Gil Shwed will talk about his vision for the future of cyber security and VP Product Dorit Dor will talk about the 2019 product roadmap.


Whether you’re a customer or a partner, sign up today for CPX 360!



CPX Asia: January 21-23, Centara Grand, Bangkok, Thailand


CPX Americas: February 4-6, Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, NV


CPX Europe: February 18-20, Messe Vienna, Vienna, Austria