Motortech strengthens threat prevention with Check Point Infinity

Cybercrime continues to plague organizations across the world, causing immense amounts of damage and confusion. In 2018, we witnessed an alarming number of large scale data breaches, and the repercussions were both dangerous and costly. Motortech, a specialist manufacturer of parts and accessories for stationary gas engines, recognized the potential damage an attack could inflict, and strengthened their capabilities with Check Point Infinity.


“It is important that cyber threats are controlled, blocked or dismissed before they reach the end-user,” says Marcus Morig, Head of Information Technology, Motortech. “We want our trained experts to manage security threats, not our end-users.”


Motortech has implemented a complete solution, giving them reassurance that potential cybersecurity threats are prevented from even entering the business, while providing their security team with complete visibility of all network activity.


Implementing a centralized management platform enables Motortech to effortlessly oversee and control their security solutions. “We’re now able to control different data for different uses. We can create specific rules for different systems, which helps enormously in terms of compliance. We have everything managed from one surface. It’s halved our administration time,” says Marcus Morig.


Implementing advanced threat prevention solutions can protect you from falling victim to a breach that is not only costly, but damages your organizations reputation.  The next step, Morig adds, is to secure all mobile endpoints with Check Point SandBlast Mobile. SandBlast Mobile protects workers using Android and iPhone devices from malware, man-in-the-middle attacks over cellular, and Wi-Fi networks, OS exploits, and phishing attacks. “Our experience with Infinity makes the decision easier. With Check Point we have a solution with products and strategy we can leverage into the future.”


For more information on how Motortech integrated Check Point Infinity into their security infrastructure, read their customer case study here.