Check Point SandBlast Agent Earns ‘NSS Recommended’ Status in Advanced Endpoint Protection Test

AEP Test highlights:


  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% Email block rate
  • 100% Offline threats block rate
  • 100% Evasions block rate
  • 00% False positives


We’re pleased to announce that Check Point SandBlast Agent, our advanced endpoint protection solution, achieved “Recommended” status in NSS Lab Inc.’s recent AEP (Advanced Endpoint Protection) test. The AEP test marks our  first NSS Recommended Award in 2019 and our 18th NSS Recommended rating since we first began testing with NSS in 2010.


Using their Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test Methodology, Austin-based NSS Labs put Sandblast Agent E80.82.1 through rigorous testing (details can be viewed at Independent lab tests provide customers the sound evidence to select a Check Point product with confidence and trust.


Borderless Networks Redefine Endpoint Security


We use business-driven devices more often to stay connected with the pulse of our organizations, and we frequently do it outside of the safety net of the network perimeter.


Businesses are allowing users more access to corporate data via endpoint devices – which increases the likelihood of storing sensitive data on these devices. Our endpoints are becoming direct targets for legions of cyber hackers, targeting vulnerable devices.


To protect your organization from malware, ransomware, data breaches, phishing, exploits, and other cyber attacks, Check Point offers SandBlast Agent, an advanced endpoint protection and threat prevention solution.


A Deeper Look at How We Earned the NSS Recommendation


NSS Labs is known for their rigorous testing procedures. The Advanced Endpoint Protection test is no exception, as each product was initially tested against 1,629 unique malicious samples and 1,061 unique false positive samples. Ultimately, 897 unique malicious samples and 1,053 unique false positive samples met NSS’ validation criteria and were included as part of this test.


False Positive Rate


The ability of an AEP product to correctly identify and allow benign content is as important as its ability to provide protection against malicious content. NSS ran various samples of legitimate application files and documents, all of which the product was required to properly identify and allow. If any legitimate files could not be opened or executed immediately, this was recorded as a false positive.


SandBlast Agent achieved 0.00% of false positives on this test, a significant result for customers requiring an efficient, high-performance protection solution.


Resistance to Evasion Techniques


Cybercriminals deploy evasion techniques to disguise and modify attacks at the point of delivery in order to avoid detection by AEP products. If an AEP product fails to correctly identify a specific type of evasion, an attacker can potentially deliver malware that the product would normally detect. Attackers can modify attacks and malicious code in order to evade detection in a number of ways.


This test aims to verify that the AEP product is capable of detecting, preventing, and continuously monitoring threats and that it is able to take action against malware, exploits, and blended threats when subjected to common evasion techniques.


In this section also, SandBlast Agent scored a 100.0% block rate!


Some more highlights of the test:


  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% Email block rate
  • 100% Offline threats block rate


Check Point’s Commitment To Prevention


Since it was established a quarter of a century ago, Check Point has had a singular focus: security. This focal point has allowed us to  deliver products and services that excel under uncompromising testing and in real-life conditions.


Every day, the stakes continue to grow.  Today’s IT environments are complex, multi-dimensional, and absolutely vital for business success.  They must operate flawlessly in the face of relentless and sophisticated attacks. In turn, IT security capabilities must evolve and improve to protect businesses against these threats.  Our firm belief and commitment to advanced threat prevention drives the innovation we bring to our entire product line. The AEP test is a true milestone for us. Our SandBlast Agent advanced endpoint protection solution is an integral part of our “Infinity” cyber security architecture, allowing organizations to protect their entire IT assets – Cloud, mobile, network and endpoint and prevent cyber-attacks before they impact their users.


Earning this “Recommended” status once again proves our dedication and commitment to excellence on delivering prevention to the world of cyber security – 18th recommended award since 2010 and counting!


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