Check Point Releases R80.30 with 100 New Features Delivering More Protection against Malicious Downloads and Websites

R80.30 Features First Web Threat Extraction and Patent Pending Advanced SSL/TLS Security


by Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms, published May 15th 2019


R80.30 ushers in a new era of security with the industry’s first threat extraction for web, providing practical prevention against advanced threats. With this new threat extraction for web, admins will no longer have to compromise on security for productivity. R80.30 Gen V Threat Prevention protects users from malicious web downloads in real-time! Threat Extraction removes exploitable content, reconstructs files to eliminate potential threats and promptly delivers the clean content to the user. This is thanks to the fastest threat emulation engines for secure delivery of files. Even more, a Threat Prevention dashboard provides full visibility across networks, mobile and endpoints. Enterprises everywhere can now increase productivity and maintain a high security posture.


However, the Threat Prevention innovations in the newest release of R80.30 do not stop here. The software release brings new Transport Layer Security Patent-Pending Technologies providing state-of-the-art SSL Inspection. This technology delivers the power to inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic across enterprises everywhere. This innovation is crucial for a strong cyber security posture considering 94% of websites today secure web traffic with HTTPS protocol1.


As Itai Greenberg, Check Point’s VP of Product Management, said, “HTTPS covers over 80% of all our web traffic, there is no getting away from the issue that SNI leaks every site you visit online to your Internet Service Provider. This paints a very clear picture of who you are since we know data collection on visited websites is happening. All of these factors invite both privacy and security risks, which we all know is a real problem”.


Rest assured, the SSL inspection and Threat Prevention capabilities of R80.30 keep organizations at maximum security with high performance and efficient operations. Security technologies that are supported with Full HTTPS inspection capabilities are: Application Control, URL Filtering, IPS, DLP, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot and Threat Emulation.


With over 25 years in the industry, Check Point’s R80 platform has been delivering Advanced Threat Prevention and Comprehensive Cyber Security Management and visibility on premises, across clouds, mobile and endpoint. With R80.30, you get over 100 new features that improve advanced threat prevention and performance against Gen 5 cyber attacks. R80’s threat prevention and performance benefits are apparent to Check Point customers as over 70% have upgraded to R80.  We are certain they will upgrade to the newest R80.30 release as well.


Let us look at the top 10 reasons why enterprises everywhere choose R80 for both Threat Prevention, Performance and Cyber Security Management:


  1. Practical Prevention against Advanced Threats (introduced in R80.30)

Protect users from malicious web downloads using real-time Threat Extraction technology with a seamless user experience


  1. State-of-the-Art SSL Inspection (introduced in R80.30)

New Patent-Pending technologies delivering the power to inspect SSL-encrypted network traffic with secure SNI verification improvements


  1. Superior Management & Visibility

Single Pane of Glass Management – Manage security on a global level with preemptive threat prevention and full threat visibility all in one console


  1. Single Console, Unified Policy (Introduced in R80)

Achieve operational efficiency with all access points now controlled in one place


  1. Cyber Attack Dashboard (introduced in R80.20)

Real-time forensic & event investigation with a single view into security risks


  1. Log Exporter (introduced in R80.20)

Enables easy integration with 3rd parties with a simpler and faster user experience for exporting logs


  1. Logging & Monitoring

Unified logs for Security Gateways, SandBlast Agent and SandBlast Mobile for simple log analysis


  1. Multi-Tasking in R80 (introduced in R80.20)

Increase productivity and collaboration with granular admin delegation, concurrent administrators and concurrent admins.


  1. Management API’s & SmartConsole Extensions (SmartConsole Extensions introduced in R80.30)

Expand & Customize the Check Point SmartConsole, integrate tools you work with directly into the SmartConsole!


  1. Adaptive Security for Public & Private Clouds

CloudGuard family for complete cloud security: CloudGuard IaaS, SaaS and Dome9


It is clear to see our security is only as strong as our ability to manage it. Check Point provides its customers with the best security manage with the Industry’s largest integration of technologies, over 160 technology partners just for management! With Check Point R80.30 Cyber Security Management, businesses everywhere can step up to Gen V.


Find out how to manage your cyber security and learn more here.


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