X by Orange Guarantees Cloud Security for Clients with Check Point CloudGuard

By Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point


Moti Sagey is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at Check Point Software.  Moti is responsible for strategically transforming intelligence and information into a compelling and resonating story, enabling Check Point to provide its customers with disruptive technologies that are one step ahead of threats and competitors.


José María San José is the CTO and CIO for X by Orange—a subsidiary of Orange Spain. We caught up with him to hear how X by Orange is facilitating access to digital services for clients across Spain and the role that Check Point CloudGuard IaaS plays in its new cloud security services.


The Orange Group is a global leader in corporate telecommunications services, and one of the largest operators of mobile and internet services in Europe and Africa. X by Orange is the branded trademark of Orange B2B Technology, a subsidiary of Orange Spain. Established to promote the growth of small and medium businesses, it uses the cloud to transform and digitize communications.


What were your requirements for cloud security?


We were developing two new products for SMB clients, X-Privacy and X-Security. We needed a cloud security solution that was easy to manage and could automatically protect clients’ corporate data from known and unknown cyber threats without requiring around-the- clock hands-on management. We also needed excellent support from the vendor across Spain.


Which Check Point solutions do you use?


We rely on Check Point CloudGuard for AWS in our X-Security service. It analyzes and filters all internet traffic across all sites and makes sure that all communications are encrypted, authenticated, and protected through cloud firewalls. Real-time sandboxing and cloud-based threat intelligence prevent threats from reaching clients and affecting their operations.


We also use Check Point ZoneAlarm for our X-Protection service, which protects clients’ devices. X-Protection provides anti-virus and anti-ransomware capabilities and an advanced mobile protection module for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Why did you choose Check Point?


Check Point passed a highly competitive selection process. We analyzed the market to narrow down the competitors and then assessed several vendors against strict criteria, including the number of features and their level of security sophistication. Check Point delivered everything we needed—robust security defenses together with ease of implementation and management—to build into our services.


Our clients are now confident in their protection and they don’t have to worry about the security features, connectivity or threat activity. The solution provides real-time prevention and the services are always up to date with emerging threats. Working with Check Point has been key to our success with the services. Check Point has been committed to the project from the outset, and all of us in the industry know how important that is.


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