CyberNext: Join us for an Invitation-Only Global Cybersecurity Summit

by Eddie Doyle, Global Cyber Security Strategist, published July 8, 2019


Our world is hyper digital, but stopping the next wave of cyber threats depends on high-level, lightning speed in-person conversations.


In cybersecurity, soaring to new heights does not mean flying solo. In the same way that a bird flying at the front of a “V” formation creates uplift for the bird immediately behind it, engaging in-person conversations with other influential cybersecurity professionals eliminates resistance and increases efficiency.


As with birds flying amidst the clouds in a “V” formation, all professionals face the occasional headwind at some point in their careers. However, navigating challenges as part of a team offers unparalleled advantages as compared to bracing for impact alone.


To embolden leaders to fly at a faster pace, birds at the back of a “V” formation honk at those in the front. As a cybersecurity professional, being encouraged to push your agenda beyond expectations can sometimes make the difference between a smooth glide forwards or a downward spiral. Success generates more success. As you succeed, you can encourage others. Witnessing their momentous achievements will likely represent one of the most satisfying moments in your career.


To accelerate your agenda, and to inspire the initiatives of others, join Check Point Software from July 22-25, for the CyberNext CISO Security Forum, and drive the future of cybersecurity through face-to-face interactions with your peers at Check Point’s head office in Tel-Aviv, Israel.


CyberNext is an invitation only, CxO/Director level discussion on cybersecurity best practices, current needs and threat analysis. At the summit, you will benefit from confidential, continual collaboration among brightest minds in cyber. Start here and continue throughout the year.


CyberNext will provide you with uplift, a team with which to face the headwinds of cybercrime, an opportunity to lead, to rest, to reflect and more. Together, we will achieve victories.