Check Point’s Partnership With World Economic Forum Aims to Improve Cyber Security Globally

Cyber Security is affecting everyone. From banks, to schools to consumer products. This new reality requires globally-scaled defense strategies, with diverse and creative voices at the table – which is why we are proud to announce that Check Point Software Technologies will be partnering with the World Economic Forum to enhance and unite international cyber security efforts. The World Economic Forum is the leading international organization for public-private cooperation, which gathers leaders to shape global, regional and industry agendas. The Forum partners companies that are committed to developing essential solutions to overcome key challenges.

Unlike threats of the past, the modern 5th and 6th-generation cyberattacks are multi-vector and polymorphic. They have the power of a nation-state’s cyber warfare tools, can laterally move between vectors and attack surfaces, and operate on a massive scale. As the world becomes more digitalized, cyber threats have transformed into a leading global risk – which is why we are excited to work with the World Economic Forum to shape a safer future for the world.

As a newly added partner, Check Point will be joining the Forum’s technology events worldwide including its 50th Annual Meeting, to be held 21-24 January in Davos, Switzerland. The Annual Meeting in Davos gathers leaders from business, government, international organizations, academia, civil society and youth to work together to drive positive change. The Forum’s mission – improving the state of the world – guides the design and development of the Annual Meeting’s objectives.

In 2020, technology vendors will discuss the theme of, “How to create a global consensus on the deployment of Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies and avoid a ‘technology war’.” These discussions are particularly pertinent to Check Point, as our global cyber-security predictions for 2020 forecasts a new cyber “cold war.” Our researchers predict that cyber attacks will increasingly be used as proxy conflicts between smaller countries, funded and enabled by large nations looking to consolidate and extend their spheres of influence.

Check Point’s mission has always been to make the internet secure, and this collaboration will enable us to employ our unique research capabilities, our decades of expertise, and our fifth-generation threat prevention technology to enable positive changes. Check Point certainly looks forward to making an impact by being involved in the communities, events and projects that contribute towards the Forum’s initiatives. To stay up-to-date on what we’re doing to combat cybercrime, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.