CPX 360 Cyber Security Conference: Top Keynotes Planned

Are you ready to tackle your cyber security strategy for 2020 and beyond?

If so, we’d like to invite you to CPX 360, the industry’s premier cyber security summit and expo—with events in Bangkok, New Orleans and Vienna. This conference is designed to help you solve your toughest cyber security challenges.

We’re busy putting the finishing touches on breakout sessions, best practices workshops, and expo featuring our technology partners, and our Cyber Talk keynotes that will address the hottest topics and advanced technologies in cyber security.

Here’s a preview of the keynotes we have planned for you:

The Future of Cyber Security

Gil Shwed, Founder & CEO Check Point Software

In this keynote, Gil Shwed will share core insights and actionable strategies that will help protect your organization against the top cyber security threats of 2020 and beyond. He will also discuss the benefits of a consolidated cyber security architecture that employs cloud-based services to prevent the latest Gen V and VI cyber attacks.

Messing with the Enemy*

Clint Watts, Former FBI Special Agent

Cyber criminals not only hack computers, they can hack your mind. Clint Watts reveals how misinformation campaigns are used to influence people, elections, and even our thoughts. His insights on the future will help you and your organization build more effective cyber security strategies.

Check Point 2020 Innovations, Roadmap & Vision

Dorit Dor, VP of Products Check Point Software

Curious about cyber security in 2020 and beyond? Dorit Dor reveals Check Point’s roadmap for the future of security. She’ll take us for a deep dive into Check Point Infinity and outline how your organization can effectively transition from the 5th generation of cyber security into the 6th generation, powered by a centralized AI-based security layer.

It’s Cloudy Out There, Dress Up Securely

Zohar Alon, Head of Cloud Product Line, Check Point Software

Many assume that those who own the cloud also secure it. In this session, Zohar Alon goes in-depth into cases where the shared responsibility model has led to unforeseen disclosures and high costs. By preventing these problems, you’ll have a more secure cloud computing experience.

To register or to obtain more information on CPX 360, visit our website. We look forward to meeting you there!

*New Orleans and Vienna only

Note: agenda subject to change.