Fast Track Your Network Security at CPX 2020

By Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms

A lot of exciting news coming out of Check Point’s premier cyber security summit and expo: CPX 360  starting in Bangkok, Thailand on January 15th..

This year’s 2020 event revealed some of the greatest innovations to hit network security, including Check Point’s new Fast Track Network Security Suite.

This new suite of solutions delivers new Quantum Security Gateways™, the latest R80.40 Unified Security Threat Prevention software and for the first time offered by Check Point, security management delivered as a cloud service.

Quantum Security Gateways™

The new Quantum Security Gateways™ enable enterprises to deploy the industry’s leading threat prevention capabilities at all points of their IT infrastructure, and to scale security almost infinitely according to their changing business needs. All of the gateways deliver a 100% block score for malware prevention for email and web, exploit resistance and post-infection catch rate, as seen in the NSS Labs’ recent Breach Prevention Systems (BPS) Group Test.  They also feature lightning fast SSL-encrypted traffic inspection for maximum security and are Hyperscale-ready, capable of scaling up to 1.6 Tera-bps of Threat Prevention performance.

The range includes:

  • 3600 Quantum Security Gateway for branch offices, offers up to 1500Mbps of threat prevention performance
  • 6200 Quantum Security Gateway for small enterprises, with up to 2500Mbps
  • 6600 / 6900 Quantum Security Gateways for mid-sized enterprises, with up to 7.6 Gbps
  • 16000 Quantum Turbo Hyperscale Gateways for large enterprises with up to 17.6 Gbps accelerating and simplifying management processes.

R80.40 Unified security

Our hardware is only as good as our software, and the Fast Track network security suite brings with it the latest unified security release, R80.40 which has over 100 new features to extend threat prevention, block the latest cyber security threats, streamline security administration processes, and enhance IT productivity.

R80.40 Feature Highlight:

  • SmartTasks automates daily work with pre-defined or customizable actions
  • Dedicated HTTPS policy layer preventing encrypted traffic from Gen V attacks
  • Zero-touch deployment – from hours to 5 min for installing new gateways
  • IoT Policy and Enforcement saving you months of manual policy configuration

Security management delivered from the cloud

If that wasn’t enough, for the first time you can now manage all Check Point products directly using a cloud service. This means R80.40 and future releases are now available as a cloud service via Check Point’s Infinity Portal.  Customers have no upfront efforts, and the solution needs no ongoing maintenance or updates as these are handled automatically. By consolidating all aspects of enterprise security environments seamlessly, R80 gives enterprises full visibility into security across their entire network infrastructure in a customizable visual dashboard, enabling them to manage the most complex environments easily and efficiently directly from their web browser.

Fast Track Network Security’s combination of new Quantum Security GatewaysTM, the innovations of R80.40 unified security and its availability as a cloud service gives Check Point customers the quickest route to achieving Hyperscale network security with tera-bit levels of threat prevention performance, while accelerating and simplifying management processes.