Check Point SandBlast Agent Achieves AA Product Rating in NSS Labs 2020 Advanced Endpoint Protection Test

By Adeline Chan, Threat Prevention Product Marketing

We are thrilled to announce that Check Point achieved an AA rating in the 2020 NSS Labs Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) test. Check Point’s endpoint solution, SandBlast Agent, achieved a 99.12% total block rate to earn an AA rating. No vendor in the test received higher than an AA rating.

Highlights from the Check Point test include:

  • 100% HTTP block rate
  • 100% Email block rate
  • 100% Evasions block rate
  • 99.12% Total block rate

Check Point SandBlast Agent earned the AA product rating because of its very strong capacity to deliver on its commitments to customers, according to NSS Labs

We believe the test results establish SandBlast Agent as a comprehensive endpoint protection solution delivering impressive overall protection. According to the NSS Labs AEP report, the strengths of SandBlast Agent include:

  • Excellent resistance to evasion
  • Strong malware and exploit protection
  • Performs well against more advanced attacks
  • Comprehensive, robust management
  • Extremely low false positive rate

Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Check Point SandBlast Agent provides comprehensive security across all threat vectors for endpoint devices, protecting users wherever they go. Combining advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning engines, and powered by the largest threat intelligence hub in the world, SandBlast Agent proactively prevents, detects, and remediates even the most evasive malware attacks.

SandBlast Agent is the only endpoint security solution that:

  • Prevents evasive zero-day attacks
  • Accurately and completely remediates all the elements of the attack to reduce response time, and
  • Performs automated forensics investigations into security events to shorten analysis and triage time

A closer look at the test

The Austin-based NSS Labs ( put SandBlast Agent v81.20.7425 through rigorous, independent testing based on their Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test Methodology v4.0.

Resistance to evasion techniquesThreat actors apply evasion techniques to disguise and modify attacks at the point of delivery in order to avoid detection by AEP products. This test aims to verify that the AEP product is capable of detecting and preventing malware that has been applied evasion techniques. In this section of the test, SandBlast Agent achieved a 100% rate, preventing and detecting all of the malware and exploits that have been applied evasion techniques.

Malware delivered over email and web – Two of the most common ways in which users become compromised are through email and websites. These attacks often use a combination of social media, hijacked email accounts, false notification of computer problems, and other deceptions. For both of these delivery methods, SandBlast Agent blocked 100% of all of the malware before it deployed or reached the endpoint device.

High overall block rate – The test results also show that SandBlast Agent achieved an extremely high overall block rate of 99.12%. This exceptional block rate underscores that SandBlast Agent is designed to prevent the vast majority of malware from ever reaching the device or executing, further supporting Check Point’s commitment to preventing cyberattacks.

In today’s constantly evolving cyber threat landscape, a detection-only approach is insufficient. Detection-only cyber security detects malware only after it has penetrated the device or perimeter. It’s frequently too late to detect and remediate threats once systems have been breached. These threats typically spread throughout networks in seconds. By then, the system is already at the mercy of the attacker.

Check Point’s prevent-before-detect philosophy is the foundation of all the innovation that drives our product development and has allowed us to deliver security solutions that are tested and proven to perform extremely well under real-life conditions.

Download a complimentary copy of the NSS Labs AEP test report.