8-Part Video Guide: How to Secure your Remote Workforce

Part #1: Cyber Threats to Remote Employees in 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a dramatic effect on every organization since it came on the scene in late 2019. Businesses of all sizes and shapes around the world have had to adapt at the speed of light, and to make significant infrastructure changes so their employees could work from home. But that was, and still is, far from simple. Not only because employees, while working from home, are more prone to incautious behavior and non-compliance to corporate policy. But also because cybercriminals have been rigorously developing malicious new strategies for breaching corporate networks.

Over the past few months, the Check Point Research team have been paying close attention to these malicious activities while our teams have been working closely with hundreds of organizations of all sizes and industries, helping them adapt to the new reality of a perimeter-less organization. Our 8-part video guide on ‘How to Secure your Remote Workforce’ is where we share all the knowledge and best practices that we have gained. From insights on new infection vectors to the best way to protect endpoints, mobile devices and cloud-based and email and collaboration apps. We share facts, insights, and best practices, so you can detect and prevent cyberattacks and secure your remote workforce in the new normal.

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About Episode #1: Cyber Threats to the Remote Workforce in 2020

While companies have been forced to adapt to the new normal, A variety of actors with diverse motivations – criminal, political, or espionage-related have been taking advantage of this situation, evolving their skills and methodologies to exploit the vulnerabilities of this new hybrid world.

In the first episode of our 8-Part Video Guide, Maya Horowitz, director of Research  and Threat Intelligence at Check Point, will take us through the new trends in cyber threats that were triggered by the outbreak of the coronavirus and  the rapid, almost immediate, transition of organizations to remote work.

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During the episode Maya will uncover some of the latest stories behind recent attacks that used the pandemic to spread malicious content to users. From Covid-19 themed phishing attack, and entirely new ransomware tactics, to highly dangerous mobile threats and infrastructure vulnerabilities that could compromise the entire remote workforce.  Watch the episode to dive deep into the latest schemes and fascinating stories behind the attacks and the cyber criminals, and learn what we need to be wary of in today’s cyber pandemic world.

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