Check Point Presents the First Autonomous Threat Prevention System

By, Danielle Guetta, Product Marketing Manager

How many hours have you or your security admins spent on managing and configuring threat prevention policies? And how long did it take to get conversant enough with the organization’s needs in order to make sure these policies are suitable for your environments?

The inherent faults and endless hours involved in manually configuring these policies is a huge burden on security admins. Adding to that the many possible human errors that can occur from this manual labor, which can put your entire organization at risk, most will agree it is definitely time for a new, and most importantly, automated management paradigm that is designed for today’s challenges.

Let us do the work for you

Relying on 25 years of threat prevention experience, Check Point built the first ever autonomous threat prevention system based on SandBlast Network and R81 Cyber Security Platform. This new capability, named Infinity Threat Prevention, is designed to significantly reduce admin overhead and strengthen the security posture of the organization, by providing five out-of-the-box policy profiles built specifically for different segments in the organization’s network. What this means for security admins is:

  1. No routine maintenance required
  2. Single click set-and-forget configuration
  3. Always up to date security with the latest zero days and best practices

How does it work?

As mentioned, Infinity Threat Prevention offers five out-of-the-box profiles designed for different network segments such as Internal Network, Data Center East-West and others. Each profile consists of a wide range of protections, including: IPS Protections, File & URL reputation, Sandbox (which is our Threat Emulation), Sanitization (CDR) which is our Threat Extraction, and C&C protection, each customized according to the relevant security requirements of the network segment. You just choose the appropriate profile for your organization’s needs, and you are protected.

Needless to say, you can still customize profiles for your organization’s specific needs using simple, yet powerful customization tools, so the policy is in accordance to your environments.

Always up-to-date

One of the highlights of this capability, is that your threat prevention configuration is always up to date, without the need for manual labor. For example, say there a new ongoing attack in the wild that performs lateral movement in internal networks with a specific file type. Check Point will update its best practices so that these files are blocked immediately, on all the Internal Network Gateways managed by Infinity Threat Prevention Management. That means your organization is protected from this attack without the need for any admin interaction.

Infinity Threat Prevention presents the only way to automatically maintain the best network protection, while involving zero maintenance, zero human errors, and no admin overhead. Check out R81 Security Management and SandBlast Network.

Learn more about the newly released Check Point R81 and how it provides enterprises the most efficient security administration and management here. If you are curious to learn more about the exciting features in R81, watch the feature highlights videos below.

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