The Must See List. A Look at AWS re:Invent 2020

AWS re:Invent is here, and although this is a change from the usual single week of learning and innovation in Las Vegas, the enriched three weeks of virtual sessions promise to deliver even more benefits!.

Check Point is committed to making the next three weeks at AWS re:Invent both exciting and informative—with content and trainings on cloud security, DevSecOps automation, compliance posture management, network security, and threat hunting. Whew! With all of those topics, it can be difficult to decide what to focus on.

Fortunately, the security experts at Check Point created a checklist of the Top 5 Things to Do at

AWS re:Invent:

1. Watch theCUBE. Check out theCUBE interview with Check Point’s Erez Yarkoni, Head of Cloud and Telco Sales, as they explore several examples of how organizations have accelerated their cloud applications in light of the extraordinary new business environment, the security implications, and the strategies to address new cloud security requirements without impeding business.

2. Join the Jam Lounge. Get hands on experience in an AWS environment in this dedicated mini-hack event and test your skills, starting at December 7th at 9:00 AM ET and running until December 18th at 12pm PT

In this Jam, you are a penetration tester for the Amazon Rainforest Defense Fund (ARDF), a nonprofit. Your donor database, full of personal and payment information, is hosted among several AWS services, and your DevOps team is going cloud native for your big fundraisers in a few months.

But the evil Forest Burning Hacker Collective (FBHC) has other plans.

They not only want your nonprofit to fail, they want to steal your donors’ personal and financial information, take down your ability to fundraise, and laugh maniacally while the rainforest burns down. It’s up to you, with help from Check Point CloudGuard CSPM, to make sure the FBHC doesn’t prevail. You must:

  • Find the vulnerabilities in your AWS-based infrastructure.
  • Use CloudGuard to eliminate and fix any misconfigurations.
  • Verify that the vulnerabilities cannot be exploited again

3. Attend Sessions. You definitely won’t want to miss Check Point’s 300-level session, entitled “Red Team Blue Team: Learn to defend your cloud applications from unauthorized third parties.” In this session, Maya Horowitz, Check Point’s Director of Threat Intelligence and Research, will play the Red Team, trying to break through the cloud defenses of the Blue Team’s Roy Feintuch, Check Point’s Chief Technologist for Cloud. Using security analytics, threat hunting, and cloud intelligence solutions, Roy and Maya will show you how to dissect and analyze some sneaky cloud breaches so you can strengthen your cloud defense.

4. Visit the Check Point Virtual Meeting Room. Stop by our virtual meeting room and meet with security experts across the globe during “office hours.” You’ll be able to watch our latest videos, get updated on our latest AWS integrations, and download cloud security assets. If you want to see Check Point in action on AWS, you can also request a demo or free security assessment of your AWS Cloud environment. And, when it’s time for a little R&R, test your trivia knowledge and enter our giveaways to win prizes.

5. Listen to an In-Booth Presentation. In addition to the show sessions, Check Point has a plethora of In-Booth presentations and trainings happening over the next few weeks including:

    1. Best Practices for a Secure Cloud Migration
    2. Compliance Strategies in the Cloud
    3. How to Cultivate a DevSec Practice in Your Organization
    4. Security at the Speed of Development

For the full list of session times, visit the Check Point virtual booth.

While offered in a much different format, this year’s AWS re:Invent promises to provide attendees with informative sessions, trainings, and strategies to help accelerate your cloud utilization, efficiency, and effectiveness. We look forward to seeing you there!