Telecommunication Service Providers Secure Businesses Using Check Point’s Comprehensive Portfolio of Security Services

The Telecommunications Industry is undergoing a number of significant changes which are reshaping the market. The demand for more bandwidth and higher throughput keeps growing. Businesses are going through a digital transformation by migrating to the cloud and modifying the way they deploy and use their networks. The significant increase in the number of remote workers caused by the coronavirus is accelerating the need for secure and reliable connections at the edge of the network. IoT is growing exponentially with IDC estimating that there will be 41 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. Innovative applications like autonomous cars and telemedicine will be enabled by high-bandwidth low-latency 5G mobile networks. While these changes present new and exciting business opportunities, they introduce more sophisticated and dangerous security threats.

As cyber-attacks on businesses become more frequent and cause more damage, the demand for managed security services will grow. According to Check Point Research, an enterprise is currently being attacked about 500 times per week and receives 20-30 unknown malicious files daily, while 50% of SMB worldwide attacked each week. Businesses are not always able or willing to deal with these attacks by themselves. In fact, SMB are ready to pay 25% more to managed service providers offering security services. Given their expertise, Communication Service Providers are well-positioned to manage both communication and security services. This combination of services will enable large enterprises and SMB to leverage technology innovations in order to grow their business, while reducing their security risk.

Check Point partners with Communication Service Providers to deliver differentiated managed security services to their business customers. The company is providing five offerings that have been specifically tailored to Service Providers allowing them to deliver the industry’s best security, protect their customers across all environments including the cloud, network, mobile, endpoint and IoT, and provide flexible business models to acquire and nurture customers.

Comprehensive set of Security Solutions Designed for Service Providers

Check Point has built a comprehensive set of offerings to match the needs of Managed Service customers across all company sizes and industries.

Cloud and Digital Transformation: A suite of products to help managed service business customers secure their journey to the cloud. The product portfolio includes cloud posture management, threat intelligence, workload protection, and cloud network security. It protects multi-cloud services from development to CI/CD through production, and delivers unsurpassed automation and flexibility.

SMB Security: A comprehensive set of solutions tailored for the SMB market. These solutions provide SMB with enterprise-grade security at no additional cost, including top-rated threat prevention and unified security management. The solutions fully protect the SMB’s network, endpoint and mobile devices, and safeguard productivity applications like email and Office365.

Network Security: Protects the customer’s network from known and unknown threats using the Quantum family of hyper-scale security gateways with up to 1.5 Tbps of threat prevention firewall throughput. Network Security can be provided either on the customer’s premises or through by using a “clean pipe” model. With Maestro orchestration, Quantum gateways provide cloud-level resilience and on-demand expansion in minutes, to support the most demanding network applications.

SASE: A global cloud platform that delivers the most advanced threat prevention enabling remote users and branch offices to quickly and securely connect to any application in the cloud or data-center. The solution unifies eleven cloud security services, zero trust remote access, unique in-browser protection, and email and office security, to prevent the most sophisticated cyber-attacks while improving the user experience with high-speed low-latency security services.

IoT Protection: IoT security solutions for smart offices and smart buildings, pertaining to any enterprise, alongside specialized vertical solutions for the healthcare and manufacturing markets. IoT Protect identifies any IoT device on the network, assesses its risk, prevents unauthorized access to and from IoT devices with zero-trust segmentation, blocks IoT malware with industry leading threat prevention, and provides on-device run-time protection.

Top-Notch Security

Check Point has been a security industry leader for the last 27 years, consistently delivering innovative security solutions to customers worldwide. The company has been a Leader in Gartner’s Network Firewall Magic Quadrant for 20 years, and has received numerous accolades over the years from analysts such as Forrester and IDC.

Check Point’s comprehensive portfolio of security solutions, with 60+ services and 50+ protected asset types, safeguards businesses from the most sophisticated cyber-attacks across the data-center, network, cloud, mobile, endpoint and IoT. ThreatCloud, the industry’s most powerful threat intelligence database, processes 3 billion transactions, emulates 13 million files, and blocks thousands of zero-day threats each day. Check Point Research Division is world-renowned, employing more than 150 analysts and researchers and uncovering dozens of vulnerabilities and attacks weekly.

Solutions Tailored for Service Providers

For the last 27 years, Check Point has partnered with Communication Service Providers worldwide, offering solutions designed specifically for their needs and the needs of their managed service customers. Check Point’s security solutions allow Service Providers to offer differentiated security services to their business customers, while enjoying special features tailored to their own requirements.

  • Cost reductions are achieved through consolidation and automation. Check Point’s consolidated Infinity Architecture allows simplifying IT infrastructure and significantly decreasing the number of vendors required for full protection. AI and Machine Learning algorithms introduce a high degree of automation, allowing to employ smaller teams which need less training.
  • Service Providers enjoy higher operational efficiency through using a single pane of glass based on a Unified Security Management Architecture for managing security products directly from the cloud, with zero installation and maintenance. In particular, the system includes built-in multitenancy capabilities, allowing the Service Provide to easily manage its managed service customers.
  • Check Point offers Service Providers a number of flexible financial models to match their needs, including leasing, Pay-as-you-Go, marketplace agreements and more.

Proven, Tested and Trusted

Satisfied customers are always the best stamp of approval. A great example of a happy customer is CBTS, which has recently announced advanced, cloud-native threat prevention for remote sites and branch offices based on Check Point’s security solutions.

“Given today’s advanced cyber threats, it is critical to protect enterprise branch offices connected to the cloud with SD-WAN. Check Point CloudGuard Connect, our innovative SASE solution, is integrated with leading SD-WAN vendors in the cloud to secure branches in minutes,” said Erez Yarkoni, head of the Telco Division at Check Point Software Technologies. “We’re excited to partner with CBTS to help drive enterprise digital transformation, with a special emphasis on branch office SD-WAN security.”

Another satisfied customer is one of the top four Communications Service Providers in the US. This telco operates one of the largest mobile cellular networks worldwide and serves more than 80 million customers. They rely on Check Point firewalls to secure a growing amount of diverse network environments and the traffic they support.

Many more customers share the same feelings. In fact, all of Check Point’s long-time Service Provider customers attest to how best-in-class security, combined with top-notch customer service, make Check Point their security partner of choice.

For more information please visit Check Point’s Service Provider webpage.