ARSAT Migrates to Check Point Software in Record Time

By Amit Sharon, Head of Global Customer Community & Market Intelligence, Check Point

Empresa Argentina de Soluciones Satelitales Sociedad Anónima (ARSAT) is one of the largest ISPs and data center companies in Argentina, the company is dedicated to providing the highest quality telecommunications services for its customers.

ARSAT recently approached Tecsystem , a leading technology solutions provider in South America, to help them upgrade their infrastructure to ensure the best security for today’s advanced GenV threats. To meet its customer’s needs, Tecsystem required a solution that would provide insight into ARSAT’s diverse environments and automate security management tasks across the large organization.

I met with Federico Meiners, Cybersecurity Architect at Tecsystem, to learn more about how the company designed and delivered the new ARSAT security architecture.

Amit Sharon:  Why was ARSAT seeking to upgrade its security solutions, and why did Check Point emerge as the best choice?

Federico Meiners: ARSAT’s existing firewalls lacked robust threat prevention and were difficult to manage. The customer has a massive environment with more than 300 types of technologies, handling all kinds of ISP traffic. We needed a solution that would deliver advanced threat prevention, backed by unified, automated management for in-depth visibility into our customer’s environment. Check Point Quantum Security Gateways with Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Antibot, and Antivirus software technologies were an ideal match. These appliances combine comprehensive security protections with high performance, to safeguard the network even against Fifth-Generation cyber attacks.

Amit Sharon:  A global service provider like ARSAT cannot afford to experience downtime. How did you streamline and expedite the migration process to Check Point?

Federico Meiners: Check Point R80 Unified Security management made it easy to quickly migrate existing security policies to the new solution. We managed to automate 70 percent of the migration process, using the Check Point SmartMove tool in R80 to migrate all the rules from the customer’s old Cisco firewalls to the Check Point solution. We migrated each system to the new environment in just 33 minutes, which was amazing. It used to take approximately 27 hours to migrate a system manually.

Amit Sharon:  How did you simplify management to provide the insights that ARSAT required?

Federico Meiners: Check Point R80 lets us provide centralized management for both physical and virtual networks. R80 consolidates every aspect of ARSAT’s security environment, with a customizable dashboard that provides full visibility across the network.

Amit Sharon:  How does simplified, unified management benefit the customer?

Federico Meiners: Having a holistic view of all the Check Point deployments lets us correlate logs more easily and simplify management and troubleshooting. In the past, customers had to utilize many different solutions to monitor policies, which made administration slow. Now, customers can control all their policies via a single pane of glass that’s easy to manage. Our customers get real value from these capabilities.