CISO’s Secrets: get behind the scenes of cybersecurity’s trending topics. True stories, real-life scenarios, and a solutions-focused approach

Join Check Point Software Technologies and host James Azar (CyberHub Podcast) in uncovering the world of CISO through a new podcast series – “CISO’s secrets” launching February 4th.

The Series promises direct talk on cybersecurity’s burning topics with the people who manage them. In this weekly podcast, Check Point and James Azar will host industry Cyber security leaders – CIOs and CISO’s, from global companies. The podcast will provide a rare glance into the extended scope of the CISO’s role – from board-rooms discussions and business dilemmas to impactful decisions and unique situations that CISO’s face. In addition, we’ll get the CISOs take around topics such as security trends and practices in the cloud, telco and the remote workforce, all while navigating between personal and professional life situations.

This series not only offers a unique opportunity for fellow CISOs and CIOs to learn from their peers, but also provides a glance for those who are in close encounter with them. Whether you hold a C level position, serve as a board member, or simply a person who wants to enrich your knowledge about the challenges and opportunities this role brings, this podcast if for you. Our podcast participants include Brian Lozado (HBO MAX), Kurt John (Siemens), Max Garcia (NCR), Ross Young (Caterpillar)and other leaders in their respected fields.

We’ll let you in on a little (CISO) secret: our podcast also counts towards CPE credits. Read more about it here.

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