No Matter the Network Growth, you can always have Scalable Security Management on Demand

 By Michael A. Greenberg, Product Marketing Manager, Security Platforms

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Today, we are seeing an exponential growth in network traffic. In fact, based on Cisco’s Global Forecast report we are experiencing a +25% annual growth in our network which means this growth is doubling every 3 years. On top of this, the “new normal” we are in, where everyone is working from home, businesses have gone mobile and enterprises embrace digital transformation, there is a dramatic increase in the rise of remote workers; let’s not forget about all the more traffic being created with all of the thousands of connected devices. With increasing network traffic at the rate it is going we are going to have more security gateways and logs then we’ll know what to do with.

This can become quite cumbersome when we look at it from a security management perspective; the amount of traffic being processed and the amount of logs being created and stored. The large amount of network growth is driving new requirements from security management that needs to be addressed today: scalability, higher traffic rates, and increase responsiveness. The challenge lies here in being able to manage more security gateways on demand, have faster log processing and a rapid analysis of logs and events.

At Check Point we are constantly innovating our Security Management, just in 2020 alone we took the best security management and threat prevention software and made it available from the cloud enabling you to be automatically updated with zero maintenance to make your environments more secure manageable and compliant. In the same year we introduced the first autonomous Threat Prevention system that provides fast, self-driven policy creation and one-click security profiles keeping policies always up to date and protection against zero day attacks.

Transform your Data Center with Quantum Network Security WATCH REPLAY

To continue the innovation in security management and improve the ability to manage all gateways and logs with our Quantum Smart-1 Security Management Platforms; Check Point has released 4 new models that will allow you to scale the number of managed gateways on demand making it possible to double your capacity in just 5 minutes.

The four new models are the Quantum Smart-1 6000-L for large enterprises and 6000-XL for data centers. The 6000-L starts with 75 gateways that can be managed and can be scaled all the way to 150 gateways. The 6000-XL starts with 200 gateways that can be managed and lets you scale to 400 gateways. For small and midsize enterprises are the Quantum Smart-1 600-S and Smart-1 600-M. The capacity increase isn’t the only benefit of the new Quantum Smart-1 security management appliances. They also make it easy to respond to threats quickly with major improvements increasing responsiveness to analyze logs, events, and reporting with up to 1080 GB of logs per day; over 67,000 Events/sec and a 200% increase in managed gateway capacity.

As our large enterprises and data centers accommodate the growth of our networks, so too does our Smart-1 6000-L and 6000-XL security management appliances. That’s why we’ve increased the memory (RAM) by 50% and equipped them with a new SSD storage to provide better efficiency for daily security management operations and faster system response and load times whether you’re searching logs, creating reports, or viewing events. With the new security management appliances you’ll be able to have greater system resiliency to handle any log capacity across your entire infrastructure.

To learn more about the all new Quantum Smart-1 Security Management appliances and how to securely manage all your gateways and logs please visit our website

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Transform your Data Center with Quantum Network Security WATCH REPLAY