Cloudified Data Centers are the New Normal – RSA Conference 2021®

It is no secret, our networks and data centers have changed as we know it, moving from on premise servers to the future of Hyperscale cloud computing where scalability on demand, cost-efficiency and simple operations are all that matters.

At the core of our digital enterprises lie thousands of applications, and commonly, the way we typically build our data centers is to deliver those applications to its end users. Today, those end users, you and I, are increasing the demand of all those applications that we need to access. Not only do data centers need to deliver them with speed but they must also be delivered securely. For better or worse and driven by the work from anywhere business model thanks to COVID-19, today applications are being used in so many different types of ways; from different delivery models; across so many locations; it’s ultimately leaving our data centers vulnerable.

It’s so important that for our networks and the data centers that empower them, that they deliver uncompromising compute, storage and network resources to support all of these distributed applications. The question is how do we maintain and optimize our existing data center infrastructure?

Moreover, we must be able to identify any IoT device on the network and assesses its risk; prevent unauthorized access to and from IoT and OT devices with zero-trust segmentation and block IoT malicious intents with industry leading threat prevention security services.

Join Check Point Software’s very own IoT stars, Itzik Feiglivitch and Justin Sowder, at RSAC 2021 as they demonstrate recent IoT attacks and how they are orchestrated.

  • Date/Time: Tuesday May 18th, 2021 | 2:15 PM to 2:55 PM PT
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They say to look up for inspiration. To achieve optimum scale, performance and agility we must understand the role of the data center in a hybrid world and cloudify it.

The path to do that is simple: embrace emerging technologies and utilize the best hardware at the core of the data center. However, growing networks, disruptive technologies, and the proliferation of interconnected devices demand the best security gateways beyond any next generation firewall.

On top of that, network security hardware should be based on a Hyperscale architecture offering linear scaling of processor, network, and storage resources. In other words, network security architectures must emulate public cloud infrastructure, where as hardware resources can be added on demand to meet growing network security needs without disruption.

For more than 27 years as an industry leader and inventor of the first firewall, Check Point Quantum Security GatewaysTM are at the core of our networks, securing everything we do, providing the highest level of security to prevent zero day attacks.

All Check Point Quantum Security GatewaysTM are Hyperscale ready, capable of handling any type of growth on demand with Check Point’s Maestro Hyperscale Network solution. Layered with Quantum IoT Protect all IP cameras, and smart elevators, to medical devices and industrial controllers are protected against IoT network and on-device cyber attacks. Leveraging the Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator (MHO), Maestro brings scale, agility and elasticity of the cloud on premise with efficient N+1 clustering based on Check Point’s patented HyperSync technology, maximizing the capabilities of your existing security gateways. Maestro orchestration enables expansion from a single Quantum gateway orchestration to the capacity and performance of 52 gateways in minutes, giving companies elastic flexibility and enabling massive Terabit per second threat prevention throughput.

Available now, the new high-end orchestrator MHO-175 delivers a fabric capacity of 3.2 Tbps and doubled the amount of 10 GbE ports for maximum Hyperscale orchestrations.

You can create  your  own  virtualized  private-cloud premise  by  stacking  multiple  Check  Point security  gateways  together.  Group them by security feature set, policy, or the assets they protect and further virtualize them with virtual systems technology. With the Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator, businesses of all sizes can have cloud-level security on premise, add compute to meet their needs using the Maestro Web UI or even with RESTful APIs – all while minimizing the risk of downtime and maximizing your cost-efficiency.

Today, we are seeing an exponential growth in network traffic. In fact, based on Cisco’s Global Forecast report we are experiencing a +25% annual growth in our network which means this growth is doubling every 3 years.

This can become quite cumbersome when we look at it from a security management perspective; the amount of traffic being processed and the amount of logs being created and stored. The large amount of network growth is driving new requirements from security management that needs to be addressed today: scalability, higher traffic rates, and increase responsiveness. The challenge lies here in being able to manage more security gateways on demand, have faster log processing and a rapid analysis of logs and events.

To continue the innovation in security management and improve the ability to manage all gateways and logs with our Quantum Smart-1 Security Management Platforms; Check Point released 4 new models of the Smart-1 security management appliances (Quantum Smart-1 6000-L for large enterprises, 6000-XL for data centers, Quantum Smart-1 600-S & 600-M for small and midsize enterprises) that will allow security administrators to scale the number of managed gateways on demand making it possible to double capacity in just 5 minutes. The new security management platforms deliver full threat visibility and greater system resiliency to handle any network growth and log capacity across your entire infrastructure.

If you are attending the virtual event, be sure to check out some of the other activities Check Point has going on at RSAC 2021:

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    • Join Dorit Dor, VP Products, Check Point as a panelist judge during the Innovation Sandbox Contest
    • Wednesday, May 19 | 9:20am PT

Support your data center transformation and deliver cloud level elasticity to on premise network security with the new Maestro orchestrator and the gold standard in security management. By allowing for rapid changes in the network infrastructure, be able to adapt new technologies and trends seamlessly, and enabling agile deployment of applications and services you can ensure your organization gets the most out of your cyber security investments.

RSA Conference 2021®

  • Date/Time: Tuesday May 18th, 2021 | 2:15 PM to 2:55 PM PT
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