The Evolution of Application Security (AppSec)

Yaffa Finkelstein, Product Marketing Manager, Check Point CloudGuard

Earlier this year we released Check Point CloudGuard AppSec – the fully automated, Artificial intelligence (AI) powered Web Application and Application Programing Interface (API) Protection.

The promise of this novel solution was that while applications and their Application Programing Interfaces (APIs) are central to every organization’s growth, application security in general remains outdated. Check Point CloudGuard AppSec is unlike any other application security solution because it is powered by contextual AI, which empowers smart, non-binary decision making to lower overheads for end users.

By our customers’ own admission, this revolution in application security lowered their TCOs and made maintaining a web application firewall (WAF) totally painless. Fully automated, with no need for manual tuning, it makes protecting a cloud native application straightforward.

Here’s a quick look at what’s new this quarter:

  • AppSec now includes the ability to autoscale. This means that as your application evolves and your cloud environment grows, Check Point CloudGuard now provides automated security scaling in line with your deployments. Our AppSec solution has you covered even as your DevOps teams keep moving.
  • We’ve expanded our award winning IPS solution to become part of Check Point CloudGuard AppSec! This additional layer of security includes protection from even the most difficult to detect attacks.
  • Richer dashboard including visibility into the AI learning phase. We now provide users with a new feature which guides them towards optimizing the learning process to make the deployments even faster. With the ability to move from learning to active protection in just a matter of days, this feature means that you can keep tabs on the learning process and speed it up even further!

If you’re not already an AppSec customer, register today for a free trial to see for yourself how precise and efficient your application security could be!